No Bra Means No Cheating in China

No Bra No Cheat

The Chinese have come up with a fool proof plan to crack down on students cheating during university entrance exams: no bras allowed.

Education chiefs in northeast China devised the ‘no bra’ plan to help curb the rampant cheating that occurs during the country’s annual “gaokao”, which I guess would be the Chinese equivalent to the SATs or A-levels but extra competitive because it’s Asian. Nearly 10 million sutdents nationwide will compete for less than 7 million places available at colleges and universities. Word on the street has it that the exam is so difficult that emotional breakdowns and suicides are common in the weeks leading up to exam day. And, of course, many have taken the less honourable path and resorted to cheating.

But not this time cheaters! Schools in Jilin province have outlawed any metal object or item of clothing that sets off detectors being installed outside exam halls – which includes underwire bras. No bras = no cheat! Apparently students have been known to sneak in listening devices or transmitters into the exam room. Before last year’s exam, more than 60,000 electronic devices were seized and more than 1,500 suspects were detained. Keep in mind that about 10 million students write this thing though – so percentage-wise that’s not so bad.

The new regulations were outlined in a letter sent to the students’ parents:

“When students and staff enter the exam venue they will have their clothes, accessories, shoes, hats and any carry-ins strictly checked by professionals and will only be allowed to enter if the equipment does not set off an alarm. Therefore, any article that contains metal and can trigger beeping from the security machines will become obstacles for the candidates.”

What about students with metal fillings or mature students with metal hips? Well, they will be required to produce a doctor’s note. While most parents accepted the stricter rules, one mother complained that, “I just bought my daughter a new bra.” Ummm…. Doesn’t she know that Asian girls don’t even need bras? She was trying to cheat!!

The exams are being held today and tomorrow (June 7-8). Good luck to all the stressed out, overworked Asian students – because if you don’t get top marks your parents will disown you!

Via: The Telegraph

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