No More Texts from Hillary. Until 2016…?

Hillary Clinton Texts from Hillary

Hillary Clinton bids adieu to public life today, making way for John Kerry, who will replace Clinton as the secretary of state.  At least we’ll always have the memories of Texts from Hillary.

Let’s take a look of Hillary’s s.o.s journey:

After failing to get the Democratic nomination, Obama appointed Clinton as secretary of state, a plum job, but not quite the one she was expecting desperately wanting. But after four years as Obama’s secretary of state and America’s ambassador to the world, has left an overall positive mark on American foreign policy and has achieved sky high approval ratings.

Clinton devoted time to signatures issues, such as empowerment of women and girls, gay rights, third world development, health and Internet freedoms and lent her support to a wide range of new projects and organizations. She also oversaw a diplomatic opening to Burma and the difficult creation of the world’s newest country, South Sudan.

While certainly important causes, one could argue that the toughest foreign policy issues of the day — Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Arab-Israeli standoff — weren’t resolved during the four years. In fact, some got a lot worse. Although this is directly linked to Clinton, the lack of major diplomatic breakthroughs a la Kissinger or Marshall may limit her legacy.

One of the lowest moments in her diplomatic career, according to Clinton herself, was the attack in Benghazi, Libya, over which she has received harsh (and excessive) criticism from Republicans. The Benghazi incident also squashed the chances of Obama’s first choice for Clinton’s replacement, Susan Rice. The ambassador to the United Nations withdrew as a candidate after her comments regarding the Benghazi attack were widely criticized.

And now it’s John Kerry’s time to shine. Kerry was confirmed as secretary of state and Tuesday and has suggested that he would try to make some headway in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On top of that, Kerry gets to deal with the conflict in Syria, the turmoil on Egypt and deteriorating relations with Russia. Have fun with that… Maybe he’ll get a text from Hillary to help him out.

Via: The Washington Post

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