So How Did North Carolina Weather the Storm?

North Carolina Winter Snowstorm

Last time we checked in (yesterday afternoon), North Carolina was gearing up for a huge blast of winter weather (by North Carolina standards).

Charlotte residents were warned they could see up to a foot of snow in addition to ice and powerful gusts of winds. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory cautioned his constituents to be prepared the storm:

‘‘Stay smart. Don’t put your stupid hat on at this point in time. Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your neighbors,’’ the Gov. said.

The storm turned out to be a big one (again, by North Carolina standards). The brutal snowstorm left power lines snapped, reduced highways to gridlocked chaos, and rendered albinos virtually invisible.

Now let’s see how well North Carolina residents handled it: 

North Carolina

 Oh no…. They put their stupid hats on…

Did they learn nothing from Atlanta? The exact same thing happened two weeks ago! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I’m from the South.

Despite the advance warning, drivers in North Carolina clearly fell victim to the 2.5 inches of snow that ended up falling, which ended up causing a nightmare of a commute. Many drivers ended up abandoning their vehicles in the middle of the road and walking home, while one decided to (accidentally?) start a car fire to keep everyone warm.

“It’s really, really bad, and it got so bad so quickly that people just weren’t ready. Even though we were warned, it just happened more quickly than you would think possible.” said Christina Martinson, who was stuck in snowbound traffic with her husband and son for hours in Durham, North Carolina.

“We saw so many people … cars piled up and left on the side of the road, and wrecks.”

Meanwhile, Atlanta appears to have learned its lesson the second time around. After being nationally shamed for their snow induced pileups two weeks ago, few Atlanta drivers ventured out on Wednesday. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal applauded residents who kept the roads clear, calling it “a good starting point.”

The winter storm is currently pounding Washington DC and will likely leave 15 inches of snow in New York by the end of Thursday. Something tells me New York will be better prepared for this kind of weather. They couldn’t prepare for a hurricane, but snow – snow they know.

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