North Korea Executed People for Watching South Korean Entertainment

Executed South Korea TV

According to a South Korean newspaper, North Korea publicly executed around 80 people last month, some for minor offenses such as watching South Korean TV shows, prostitution, and  being found in possession of a Bible.

The gruesome massacres public executions happened in Wonsan, where authorities packed 10,000 residents into a stadium and forced them to watch the firing-squad executions. The condemned were tied to poles, hooded, and then executed by a firing squad.

“I heard from the residents that they watched in terror as the corpses were so riddled by machine-gun fire that they were hard to identify afterwards,” the newspaper’s source was quoted as saying.

Yikes. When you think about all the people they put in prison death camps/execute over the slightest thing AND take into account the mass starvation North Korea is facing – how do they even have any population left? Kim Jong-un even ordered his ex-girlfriend Hyon Song Wol to be executed back in August (among with an assortment of other entertainers).

Watching unsanctioned foreign films or TV – especially those from the evil capitalist South – is a serious offence in North Korea but isn’t considered a capital crime. South Korea believes that these public excutions for non-capital crimes were carried out as a way of discouraging interest in “corrupting foreign influence.” 

“The regime is obviously afraid of potential changes in people’s mind-sets and is preemptively trying to scare people off,” said an official of the defector-run North Korea Intellectual Solidarity website.

I hope the South Korean TV shows were at least of decent quality. Imagine watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and then being executed for it? Although, you’d probably want to kill yourself anyways after watching that crap.

Via: The Los Angeles Times

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