North Korea Threatens South Korea Via Fax

North Korea Fax

North Korea sent a fax to South Korea on Thursday, threatening a “merciless” attack without notice in response to anti-North protests in Seoul this week.

North Korea said the South insulted North Korea’s “highest dignity,” after rallies were held protesting the secretive regime on the second anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Il. The North was so angry that there was nothing left to do except send an angry message via their most advanced secret technology: the fax machine.

The message warned that North Korea would strike if “the provocation against our highest dignity is to be repeated in the downtown of Seoul.”

Threatening messages from Kim Jong-un are nothing new – and apparently neither is North Korea’s technology. If you’re 30 years old and you have to send a threat via a fax, then how much of a threat can you really be? Second of all, doesn’t the fax count as notice? You can’t send a notice saying you’re going to attack without notice!

Anyways, South Korea responded to the North Korean threat by faxing back. When in Rome…

“The reply was sent through wired message and in the fax message, we warned that if North Korea is to carry out provocation, we will firmly retaliate,” said Kim Min-seok, the spokesman for South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense.

Meanwhile, Dennis Rodman is still in the North trying to convince a team of ex-NBA players to join him in a basketball match in honour of Kim Jong-un’s January birthday.

“I’m just telling them, you know, don’t be afraid, man, it’s all love, it’s all love here,” Rodman told the AP after tryouts at the Pyongyang Indoor Gymnasium.

North Korea: decades old technology, tyrannical leaders, washed-up basketball stars, and random executions for half-hearted clapping. What’s not to love?

Via: CNN

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