Norway Goes Right Wing (for Norway…)

Erna Solberg Norway Right Wing

Norwegian centre-right leader Erna Solberg is set to form a new government after Labour Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg lost the election on Monday.

Apparently Jens didn’t pick up enough potential voters in his political cash cab. At least now he’ll have more free time to work on his driving skills.

Poor Jens. And poor Norway, because it looks as though Norway’s anti-immigration Progress party is likely to join forces with the winning party in a centre-right coalition. The anti-immigrant party is keen to enter government for the first time, which has made some Norewgians a little uneasy. Why? Because Anders Behring Breivik, the right-wing psycho who massacred 77 people in 2011, was once a member of the party. However, that was young Anders Behring Breivik. Eventually he left the party, choosing more radical anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant views.

Nevertheless, the Progress Party, led by Siv Jensen, took a hit after the massacre. Since then the party attempted to soften its anti-immigrant image by dropping some of its controversial members and has now rebounded with around 15 percent support in the polls. Although they still don’t care too much for immigrants…

Anyways, the new PM, Erna Solberg, – also known as Iron Erna – is expected to form a government and take office by Oct. 14.  The first Conservative Prime Minister since 1990 described her win as “a historic election victory for the right-wing parties“. Or by American standards, a historic election victory for slightly less left-wing parties.

Via: New York Times

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