Not Everyone’s Gay Son Can Change Their Mind

Matt Salmon gay son

Rob Portman’s change of heart on the issue of gay marriage isn’t the only response a Republican member of Congress with a gay son can have.

After Ohio Senator Rob Portman announced that his stance on gay marriage had shifted as result of his son coming out of the closet, everyone (me) thought “Alright, the key to getting Republicans on board with gay marriage is just to turn their sons gay. Simple enough”.

Turns out: not the case. Arizona Republican Matt J. Salmon announced in an interview over the weekend that despite having a gay son himself, he is still against same-sex marriage.

“My son is by far one of the most important people in my life. I love him more than I can say,” an emotional Salmon told a local news station. “It doesn’t mean that I don’t have respect, it doesn’t mean that I don’t sympathize with some of the issues. It just means I haven’t evolved to that stage.”

But Matt Salmon’s son, also named Matt Salmon, isn’t pressuring the elder Salmon to get with the times.

“I definitely share my feelings, but I don’t pressure him to change his opinion because I know that given our relationship there’s no real need to do that. We each know where we stand.”

Matt Salmon (the younger) made an “It Gets Better” video in 2011, in which he discussed his experience dealing with his conservative Mormon family’s reaction to his homosexuality, as well as his experience with bullies and gay “conversion” therapy. Apparently the key to a gay son–Republican dad situation is love and acceptance. Who would have thought?

Via: The Washington Post

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