Nuns Gone Wild… And Other News

Nuns Gone Wild

Nuns gone wild! The pope says NOPE to feminist nuns.

Pope Francis has reaffirmed the Vatican’s criticism of US nuns, accusing them of promoting “radical feminist themes” and ignoring the Vatican’s opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion. Not to worry though – the Vatican has dispatched an archbishop to set up reeducation programs to bring the out-of-control nuns back into line. If Sister Act (and let’s not forget Sister Act 2 and 3!) was any indication of nuns gone wild, the Vatican has their work cut out for them. Los Angeles Times

Airline DelayIf you think cramped seats and poor service is the worst thing about American Airlines, think again. The airline grounded all its flights Tuesday afternoon after its reservation system went offline. The outage sparked numerous delays and some passengers reported being stuck on planes. “We are on a system-wide ground delay that will last until 4:30 pm CST (2130 GMT) as we work to resolve this issue as quickly as we can,” the company said, apologizing to customers for “any inconvenience.” Still better than Delta. NBC News

Iran EarthquakeIt seems like an earthquake is always striking Iran. But this time it’s a big one! A magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit right on the border with Pakistan and is reported to be the most powerful in nearly 40 years. CNN reports that at least 34 people have died and 80 are injured in Pakistan. Iran has not confirmed any deaths at this point. Much better than in 2003 when a 6.6-magnitude earthquake killed 26,000 Iranians. CNN

FriendsNeed more friends? StarMedia, some kind of Latin entertainment site, reports that “NBC network has confirmed they will launch a new season of Friends on 2014, it will be about their story in a comeback reunion! It’s still unknown if the original actors will accept NBC’s deal, but the dream of “Friends” reunion is closer than ever!” A rumour like this MUST be true if there are typos in the announcement (on 2014) and no other entertainment source seems to be aware of it. But just to be on the safe side, I wouldn’t hold your breath. StarMedia

HorsemeatEuropeans are so hungry they could eat a horse. And they have been for quite some time. According to results form the European Commission, horse DNA has been found in up to 5% of beef products randomly tested across the EU. Banned horse drugs were also found in 0.5% of the horsemeat tested. Since a scandal emerged in January, a growing number of stores and companies across Europe, including Findus and Nestle, have recalled beef products, after tests found they contained horse DNA. Gross. BBC News

CircusIt’s about time: the use of wild animals in travelling circuses will be banned starting December 2015 in Britain. Circus operators will have until then to adapt their shows and find new homes for the animals, which include llamas, camels and zebras. The cruel treatment of an Asian elephant was one of the factors behind the public’s support for a ban. An undercover film shot by animal welfare campaigners showed her being kicked and hit with a pitchfork at a circus. Horses, however, will still be allowed. I mean, they already eat their meat, they might as well get some entertainment out of them. The Independent

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