Obama and Netanyahu are Friends… with Benefits?

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President Barack Obama landed in Israel today to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The trip is part of a 4 day Middle Eastern adventure to tackle issues such as Iran’s nuclear progress, the Israel-Palestinian peace process and the Syrian civil war. Yes, 4 days is all that’s needed!

This is Obama’s first trip to Israel as President. It only took him 4 years and a second term to make it to the Jewish state, where he plans to assess the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process and prove his undying loyalty to Israel. At the arrival ceremony, Obama told the Israeli people:

“The United States is proud to stand with you as your strongest ally and your greatest friend.”

Relations between Obama and Netanyahu haven’t been the greatest. The Israeli prime minister was more of a Mitt Romney fan, supporting him in last year’s presidential election. But now that they’re stuck with each other for another four years, the two are making an effort to be friendly. Why?

Netanyahu will want US support if Hezbollah gets its hands on Syria’s chemical weapons (if they exist) or if Iran’s nuclear program starts causing problems. Also, that $1 billion Iron Dome funding is a pretty good reason to be friends.

Obama needs friendly relations with Netanyahu for political reasons. The American public is so pro-Israel that Obama must be pro-Israel as well. You (if you are Chuck Hagel…) make one sort of semi-not really-anti-Jewish comment and you get the Republicans all up in your face. So Obama has to put aside his opinions on Palestinian suffering and freezing Jewish settlements in the West Bank and give his full support to Netanyahu.

Hopefully the Obama’s first trip will not disappoint. I know some Israelis were very/weirdly excited about the visit. The Israeli Embassy to the U.S. put out this bobble head/Golden Girls-themed video promoting Obama’s trip.

WTFeh !?

Via: CNN

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