Obama is Loving the White Males

Does a quick summary of Obama’s top picks for his second term reveal his penchant for white males?

John Kerry SOSJohn Kerry

Appointment: Secretary of State, replacing Hillary Clinton.

Reaction: After kicking up a huge fuss over front-runner U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice (you can’t have two black women named Rice as Secretary of State!), Republicans seem relatively satisfied with John Kerry. Although perhaps their ultimate plan is to have him bore Obama to death with his long monotonous speeches….

HagelChuck Hagel

Appointment: Secretary of Defense, replacing Leon Panetta.

Reaction: Despite being a former Republican Senator, Chuck Hagel has Republicans up in arms over his recent appointment. Too soft on Iran, too hard on Israel, and anti-agressively gay. Wait, THAT’S what Republicans are upset about? We know they love war and Jews, but gay people? And not just gay – aggressively gay.

BrennanJohn Brennan

Appointment: Director of the CIA, replacing (not technically) David Petraeus

Reaction: With a nickname like “Mr. Drone” and a perpetual angry face, you know there’s going to be some liberal backlash. The nomination of Obama’s top counter-terrorism advisor and top architect of the controversial drone campaign has sparked outrage among activists and concern over civil liberties.

Lew2Jacob Lew

Appointment: Treasury Secretary, replacing Tim Geithner

Reaction: If confirmed by the Senate, the White House Chief of Staff and former budget director will be put to the test with the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations. Despite a prominent role in the budget fights and his reputation as a fiscal progressive, Republicans have not expressed overwhelming opposition to Lew as they have with other nominees (minus his unfortunate signature). Perhaps because he’s thought to be soft on Wall Street regulations?

Pragmatic choices? Yes – it certainly seems like a new, more cautious era of foreign policy. I doubt the U.S will be rushing into Iran guns ablaze, instead opting to steer away from anything resembling a large-scale Iraqi mess.

But given the sea of white male faces, perhaps Obama should borrow Romney’s Binders of Women?

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