President Obama Takes a Funeral Selfie… And Other News

Obama Selfie

Oh President Obama, no… not a funeral selfie.

Nelson Mandela’s funeral is shaping up to be the who’s who of political leaders so it’s no surprise that President Obama wanted to snap a few photos. Obama, the latest entry to the Tumblr Selfies at Funerals, took a smiling selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at Nelson Mandela’s “celebration of life” memorial on Tuesday. But that wasn’t Obama’s only faux-pas. Obama also shook hands with Cuban president Raúl Castro (aka America’s arch nemesis) in what appears to be the second U.S.-Cuban leader handshake in the last five decades – former President Bill Clinton made that same mistake in 2000. Judging from Michelle Obama’s face, the funeral selfie was the bigger faux pas. But this next picture takes the funeral faux pas cake: flirting with hot Scandinavian Prime Ministers while your wife gives you the death glare.

Mandela Funeral Flirting

USA Today

China MandelaWhile the rest of the world is watch their leaders taking funeral selfies at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, China is making sure their citizens get the NSFD version (not suitable for democracies). The Chinese government has issued a series of orders to media ahead of Mandela’s funeral to make sure any mention of democracy or human rights is filtered out. “All media and websites must be prudent in selecting the materials and [must] report appropriately,” the ministry’s orders read. “All posts and comments on Weibo and blogs that take advantage of the funeral of Mandela to attack our political systems and state leaders must be deleted immediately.” Also banned from the funeral coverage are the usual controversial topics: the Dalai Lama, Tibet, or anything Taiwan. There’s not a ton of Taiwan-Mandela related material, but filtering mentions of human rights out of Nelson Mandela’s funeral coverage? That’s going to be a short news clip. South China Morning Post

Bob Filner and His Creepy SmileSan Diego’s ultra creepy former mayor, Bob Filner, has been sentence to 90 days home confinement by a judge after pleading guilty to sexual criminal charges earlier this year – which included asking his director of communications to work without underwear. No jail time, three years probation, and some mental health treatment isn’t a bad deal for sexually harassing three women, but attorney Gloria Allred blasted the plea bargain as too soft. But there is an upside to his political downfall – he is now banned from seeking or holding public office again. Los Angeles Times

French troops patrol past two rebel vehicles set on fire in Bangui, Central African RepublicFrance is having some serious car trouble. I mean CAR trouble. Two French soldiers were killed in combat overnight in the troubled Central African Republic. The casualties are the first since the operation to restore stability in the former French colony began. While CAR has been quickly descending into chaos eve since Michel Djotodia ousted President Francois Bozize back in March, France just recently deployed 1,600 soldiers as part of a UN-backed operation. The French force is trying to disarm rival Muslim and Christian fighters who have embarked on a killing, looting and raping rampage. According to the Red Cross, at least 465 people have been killed in the capital, Bangui, since Thursday – and now there are two French soldiers to add to the list. The Globe and Mail

PIP plantsAfter PIP popped thousands of women’s fake boobs, Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of PIP, a French medical-device company, is headed to jail. The PIP founder was sentence to four years in jail for allegedly distributing faulty breast implants. The substandard silicone gel in the implants caused many to rupture. At one time PIP was the third largest global supplier of breast implants, and an estimated 300,000 women have had received them in 65 countries – mainly Latin American ones. Mas, 74, showed no emotion as his verdict was read, and denied that the silicone was harmful. The 5,000 women registered as plaintiffs and their ruptured boobs felt otherwise. The Guardian

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