Fox Host: Obamacare is Worse than the Iraq War and Katrina

Martha MacCallum Katrina Obamacare

Fox News host Martha MacCallum made the insightful comment that Obamacare is more devastating than both Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq War because it directly touches the lives of more people.

In a segment on America’s Newsroom, Martha MacCallum pointed out that unlike a hurricane which nearly obliterated an entire city and a war which took the lives of thousands of American soldiers and injured hundreds of thousands more, a glitchy health care website affects EVERYBODY.

“What I keep coming back to in all of this is unlike other issues — Katrina or the Iraq war — that we’ve seen in [President George W. Bush’s] second term, this is something that touches so many people’s lives across the country,” MacCallum said. “And you don’t know whether the president is going to be able to successfully dodge it.”

And while MacCallum’s guest, Fox News contributor Brit Hume, seems to agree, I’m not sure that the Iraq war and Obamacare are entirely comparable. No one died as a result of Obamacare (minus all those elderly people who were shot execution style by the death panels), whereas the war may have had its fair share of causalities.

But that’s not part of Fox’s logic: thousands of Americans needlessly dying in a war? No problem. Preventing people from needlessly dying by offering them affordable healthcare? Un-American!

Via: Raw Story

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