Only In Arizona Do You Need To Show Your Birth Certificate To Pee

Arizona Transgender Bathroom Bill

Lawmakers in Arizona are debating a law that would link public bathroom use to birth certificates.

The bill, which advocates are calling the nation’s toughest anti-transgender measure, would require people to use public restrooms, dressing rooms or locker rooms associated with the sex listed on their birth certificate or face six months in jail.

The proposal comes less than a month after the city of Phoenix passed a human rights bill prohibiting gender identity discrimination in public accommodations. In fact, as states and local governments are increasingly banning gender-identity discrimination as transgender issues become more mainstream.

But that doesn’t matter to Arizona representative John Kavanagh, the Republican lawmaker who sponsored the bill. Kavanagh fears criminals/pedophiles might take advantage of the situation and expose themselves to children of the opposite gender. As a result Kavanagh has been campaigning to make it a criminal offense to use a public facility that doesn’t correspond with your birth certificate.

The bill’s opponents say it would force transgender people to reveal themselves and risk harassment. 

“Most transgender people try to slip through public places without being noticed,” a Phoenix transgender woman said. “This will turn us into criminals.”

Additionally, it can be very difficult to change gender on  birth certificates because many states require proof of gender surgery, which can be very expensive and is not covered by insurance. Some states do not even allow gender changes to be made on the document.

The bill was scheduled to be debated on Wednesday but Kavanagh agreed to postpone the vote as transgenders and transgender supporters filled the lobby of the House to protest the legislation.

So Arizona residents will have to wait and see what the new bathroom regulations will be. But if the new bill passes, imagine how long it would take to go to the bathroom in Arizona if you were a Mexican transgendered person? First they’ll have to prove their immigration status and then they’ll have to prove their gender. Discrimination aside, this will definitely impact levels of public pants wetting.

Via: The Huffington Post

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