Only in Japan Would a Haiku Killer Exist

Haiku Killer

Hundreds of police are searching for the Haiku Killer, a 63-year-old man accused of murdering 5 people and burning down 2 homes in a small Japanese town with only 16 residents.

5 victims out of 16 residents?? So the Haiku Killer basically murdered a third of the town. The suspect, who has been MIA since Monday, left the police a clue in the window of his home in the form of a Haiku poem. According to the authorities, the poem translated as: “Setting on fire, smoke gives delight, to country fellows.”

The Haiku killer is thought to have burned down two homes after murdering five elderly victims in their sleep. The victims were found in the smoldering remains of their homes, and were later discovered to have been beaten to death. All five reportedly died instantly after being struck on the head with a blunt instrument.

According to the remaining residents of the town, the man reported to be the Haiku Killer was known to be unfriendly and “something of a troublemaker”. After his parents died 8 years ago, he grew increasingly alienated and began taking medication. Also, one of the victims frequently fought with him over his dog, who she didn’t like. So obviously she had to be burned to death. I’d write a Haiku about it, but I’m not Japanese.

Via: CNN

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