Oops! Accidental Penis Drawn on Mars

Penis on Mars

What do frat boys and NASA’s high-tech Curiosity rover have in common? Both have a penchant for penis drawings.

A photo of Curiosity’s penis-like track patterns appeared on the NASA website and quickly went viral after being posted on Reddit with the caption “Mars Rover = $800M, Team to Operate = $1B. Drawing a penis on the surface of another planet = Priceless.” The accidental penis drawing was so popular that NASA’s website crashed due to increased traffic as the word spread.

The $800 million Curiosity rover robot probe was definitely money well spent! The rover landed on Mars in August last year with the intent to examine the red planet’s surface in search of life. I guess it didn’t find any, got bored, and started drawing pictures of giant penises. Or maybe the rover was just a big Jon Hamm fan.

Curiosity is controlled by a team of soon to be fired NASA engineers who send out instructions twice a day to the six-wheeled penis-loving machine.

Via: The Huffington Post


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