Oreos Are Just As Addictive As Cocaine… And Other News

cookie-monster Oreos

Attention lovers of Oreos: you are now considered recreational drug users.

A new study by undergraduates at Connecticut College (sounds very legit) has found that Oreos are just as addictive as cocaine and morphine. The lab rats especially loved their creamy white filling – who wouldn’t? The completely unverified and poorly thought out study was meant to show how high-fat/ high-sugar foods can be addictive and “may present even more of a danger [than drugs] because of their accessibility and affordability. Moral of the story: we should concentrate less on the war on drugs and more on the war on obesity. First step: more Biggest Loser spinoffs. Globe and Mail

250124-130715-alexei-navalnyWhile the rest of Russia is out beating up Dutch diplomats, a Russian appeals judge overturned a sentence for anti-corruption crusader and blogger Aleksei Navalny, handing him a suspended sentence instead of five years in prison. Navaly was sentenced in July on embezzlement charges to 5 years in the gulag but still managed to run in Moscow’s mayoral election last month while his case was being appealed. Navalny placed second in the race, garnering an unexpected 27 percent against the Kremlin-backed incumbent. The opposition leader is now free to roam the streets – as long as he stays within Moscow and doesn’t utter a bad word about Putin.  USA Today

ted_cruz2Even Ted Cruz’s hometown hates him. Ted Cruz’s hometown paper, the Houston Chronicle, took back their endorsement of him on Wednesday, criticizing his role in the government shutdown and polticial deadlock. The editorial, which reads “Does anyone else miss Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison?”, calls for the return to the principles of Texas conservative Kay Bailey Hutchinson, whom Cruz beat in the primary. But mostly they miss her because if she were in the Senate, Ted Cruz would not be in the Senate – and that’s a win-win for everybody. Houston Chronicle

Syrian-RefugeesBulgarians have taken a chapter out of the Minitemen’s playbook and announced plans to build a 30 km, $3.4 million fence on its border with Turkey to stop those dirty illegal Syrian immigrants from getting into their country and creating a refugee crisis. Over 6,800 foreigners – 70 percent of them Syrian – have entered Bulgaria illegally since the beginning of this year but Bulgaria is so poor that it has only been able to formally grant refugee status to 17 people. Another 965 have received humanitarian status that allows them to leave the shelters but not the country and the rest are camped out in cramped reception centres. Maybe if they spent less money on building border fences, they wouldn’t be so poor… AFP

Erich-Priebke_2699777bWhere’s the Westboro Baptist Church when you need them? The coffin of Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke is in limbo after his funeral, scheduled to take place south of Rome, was called off amid scuffles between angry protesters and Nazi sympathizers. Priebke died under house arrest last week while serving out his sentence for being one of the SS officers who killed 335 Italian men and boys at Rome’s Ardeatine Caves in 1944. Priebke admitted his role in the massacre, but he never expressed any remorse. What a prieck. An Italian military airport is now holding the 100-year-old body of Priebke, because no one really knows what to do with him at this point.  BBC News

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