Pakistani Actress Burned with Acid

Bushra Acid Attack

More troubling news out of Pakistan this weekend: Bushra Waiz, a young Pakistani actress, was left in critical condition after being attacked with acid while she slept at her family’s home.

The 18-year-old actress, also known as Shazia Aziz, was sleeping on Friday night when a man climbed a wall, entered the family home, and threw acid on her face. Bushra Waiz suffered burns on the right side of her face as well as her right leg, arm and eye. In total, about 33 percent of her face/body are severely burned but she is now in a “relatively stable” condition.

According to Bushra Waiz’s brother, Akhtar Waiz, the culprit was a TV producer named Shaukat Khan who wanted Waiz to marry him. According to Pakistan Today, Shaukat barged into the home around 3 a.m. and proposed to Waiz. When she refused, he threw acid into her face and fled the home, leaving the empty acid container behind. Someone doesn’t take rejection well…

The pair were also reportedly in a disputer over wages. Bushra was hired by Shaukat Khan to act in his stage dramas but then refused to pay her for her work. Sounds like he was pretty sh*tty husband material even before the acid attack.

Acid attacks are quite common in Pakistan – there were more than 150 reported cases in 2012 in the country. So I guess “acid thrown in face” isn’t really news in Pakistan, just your typical Monday. At least the women will get more use out of their niqabs. Maybe that was the plan all along…

Via: CNN

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