Poking Holes In Your Girlfriend’s Condoms Might Not Be The Best Way To Save The Relationship

Poking Holes in Condoms

In fact, poking holes in your girlfriend’s condoms to trick her into getting pregnant and then later telling her about your plan might be the best way to ruin the relationship. Plus, according to the Supreme Court of Canada, it’s considered sexual assault.

The Canadian Supreme Court has upheld the sexual assault conviction of Craig Jaret Hutchinson, the notorious piercer of condoms.

Hutchinson, 43, secretly tampered with his girlfirend’s condoms back in 2006 to trick her into getting pregnant, ultimately saving their deteriorating months-long relationship. After the woman ended up getting pregnant, the Nova Scotia native revealed what he had done through a series of text messages. The girlfriend then made two calls: one to the abortion clinic and the other to the police.

Hutchison was subsequently charged with aggravated sexual assault but was acquitted by a trial judge, despite his “dastardly” actions. But determined prosecutors appealed the decision and he was later convicted at a second trial. He then appealed against that verdict but on Friday the Supreme Court shut him down.

“When a woman agrees to have sexual intercourse with a condom, she is consenting to a particular sexual activity; it is a different sexual activity than sexual intercourse without a condom,” the judges wrote in their unanimous decision Friday.

“The deliberate and undisclosed thwarting of her agreement as to how the intercourse is to take place turns the sexual activity into a non-consensual act, regardless of its consequences.”

Hutchison will now have to serve the remainder of his 18-month prison sentence and have his name placed on the national sex offender registry.

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