You Can Now Add Polio To Your List Of Reasons Not to Visit Syria… And Other News

Polio in Syria

Democracy has yet to appear, but polio is certainly making the rounds.

After a long absence, polio – along with some other dangerous diseases – have returned to Syria. The World Health Organization has recorded the first suspected outbreak of polio in 14 years in Syria, much to the alarm of everybody. As the civil war continues, doctors have been unable to properly administer vaccines and in addition to a possible polio outbreak, they are seeing flare-ups of typhoid, hepatitis, and the flesh-eating parasite, leishmaniasis. Poor living conditions, lack of food and reduced access to health care probably don’t help the situation either. Of the 296 reported cases of polio worldwide this year, roughly half have been in Somalia. So you know it’s a “poor country” disease…. The Telegraph

Breast Milk OnlineIf there’s one place where I would go to buy breast milk, it’s the internet – UNTIL NOW! According to a study released on Sunday, almost 75 percent of the breast milk sold online at is tainted with high-level bacteria. Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, bought and tested 101 breast-milk samples sold on two popular sites and found that the bacteria level could make babies sick. said in a statement that they had the breast intentions (they didn’t say that…) and are working to create a new milk bank program. The founder of another breast milk site, MilkShare, refused to give up their milk banks, saying the study was “a blatant attack on women attempting to feed their babies” and “breast milk is supposed to contain bacteria.” CTV News

New Jersey Booker GayDespite New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s glare of disapproval, a judge ruled last month that New Jersey must recognize gay marriage. But today marks the first day in which gay is ok – aka gay couples can begin exchanging vows. And exchange they did! Newly elected Newark Mayor Cory Booker conducted some of the ceremonies himself at city hall as same-sex couples lined up waiting for the law to take effect at midnight. So good news for gay couples but bad news for Chris Christie. Even though the New Jersey governor was against gay unions, in the end he withdrew the state’s appeal realizing that the battle was futile. Now Republicans are saying he’s guaranteed to lose the Republican primary – because if there’s one thing that Republicans cherish above all else, it’s fighting until the bitter end over a foregone conclusion (cough, Obamacare…) Reuters

France NSAWho’s the NSA spying on now? France and Mexico! Once again, U.S. ambassadors are being summoned to capital cities around the world to explain why their government is listening in on phone calls and checking over emails. Le Monde reports that the NSA spied on 70.3 million phone calls in France in just 30 days between December 10, 2012 and January 8, 2013—and not all those targeted were terrorists – some were people in business, politics and the French administration. Long story short, France is pissed and the U.S ambassador is about to have an awkward Parisian meeting. Likewise, former Mexican president Felipe Calderón is unhappy to hear that the U.S. government hacked his public email account while he was in office. Guess he shouldn’t have made his password 12345678. The Guardian

Bus Suicide RussiaIn Soviet Russia, bus kills you… if you happened to be one of the six people killed in a suicide bombing in southern Russia. Another 32 were injured after a female suicide bomber attacked a bus in the city of Volgograd. Investigators believed the woman hailed from the North Caucasus province of Dagestan where Islamist insurgency’s are up and loving feelings towards Putin are down. In the rest of Russia, fears about attacks by Islamist militants during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are definitely up. CBC News

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