President Obama is Scared of his Wife

scared of michelle

President Obama might not be scared of Dilma Rousseff, but he is scared of his wife.

The president was caught on microphone Monday night joking with a UN official saying he quit smoking because he’s scared of Michelle Obama. The first lady is more pro-health/anti-smoking than Michael Bloomberg – and she could probably pack a better punch too – so I suppose there’s good reason to be scared.

“I hope you’ve quit smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette in probably six years,” Obama said to Maina Kiai, a human rights campaigner, at the U.N General Assembly in New York, “That’s because I’m scared of my wife.”

The private exchange was caught on camera and aired on CNN. He should really watch out for those hot mics… they are even scarier than Michelle Obama.

President Obama has acknowledged his struggle with tobacco use over the years, but according to Michelle Obama he hasn’t actually gone six years without a cigarette – it’s been more like three years. In 2011 Michelle said that her husband had finally kicked his habit and hadn’t smoked in “almost a year.”

This just in: Obama lies!! 

Via: The Huffington Post

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