Protests Planned for Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral

MT Funeral

Looks like the UK has their own version of the Westboro Baptist Church. Hundreds of Brits plan to protest Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

A group of more than 800 people have pledged to attend an event called “Maggie’s good riddance party” outside St. Paul’s Cathedral where Margaret Thatcher’s funeral will be held on Wednesday. The group has promised a ‘right jolly knees-up’, whatever that means.

Party attendees have vowed to pelt her coffin with eggs, coal, or milk if they can get close enough. Why these seemingly random objects? Well, coal because it’s a reminder of the bitter 1984-1985 miners’ strike, which Thatcher crushed. And milk because of Thatcher’s days as education minister when her decision to stop free milk for older school pupils earned her the nickname “Thatcher the milk snatcher”. And eggs? Well, that’s just what people throw at things they hate.

In addition to the “good riddance par-tay”, hundreds more have pledged to turn their backs on the former prime minister as her coffin travels through Central London. Scotland Yard appears to be ok with that, as it is not against the law and will not provoke arrests. However, it will cause some embarrassment to her grieving family and be seen my millions worldwide.

As evidenced by newspaper headlines following her death, Margaret Thatcher continues to deeply divide Britain along ideological lines: Is she the woman who saved Britain or the woman who tore Britain apart?

Mixed Thatcher Reactions

Protesters are angry over the expensive state-funded funeral for a woman they claim destroyed Britain by implementing large welfare cuts and “radical free-market reforms” throughout her rein.

As one protester explained, “I sat there last week getting crosser and crosser at the attempt to rewrite history. David Cameron said Mrs Thatcher had saved the country. I think she actually destroyed this country. I wanted to do something that was dignified and peaceful. I spoke to a number of officers and I’ve received assurances that this protest will not be problem as long as it remains peaceful.”

However, protesters have been receiving backlash from many who call the protests disrespectful and an insult to a dead stateswoman’s memory. Prime Minister David Cameron called the “celebrations” of Thatcher’s death “disgraceful”.

One thing’s for sure: Reagan would NOT be pleased.

Via: Daily Mail

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