Putin Doesn’t Steal Super Bowl Rings… And Other News

Super Bowl Ring

Putin: I did not steal that Super Bowl ring!

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of stealing his Super Bowl ring. Kraft says that during a 2005 visit to St. Petersburg, he showed the ring to Putin and never got it back.

“I took out the ring and showed it to (Putin). And he put it on and he goes, ‘I can kill someone with this ring,'” Kraft said, “I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket, and three KGB guys got around him and walked out.”

Kraft also said the White House called him and told him it would be in the country’s best interest to say the Super Bowl ring was a gift. But accrding to Putin’s spokesperson, “”What Mr. Kraft is saying now is weird.” Well said Putin spokesperson, well said. CNN

Turkey StrikeI guess Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Edrogan’s final warning didn’t work out that well. Now, Turkey’s two major unions, which represent nearly a million workers, are on stike! The unions went on a one-day strike to show solidarity with the protesters who were evicted from Gezi Park on Saturday night. The Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler said the strike was “illegal” and warned of police action. What doesn’t garner warnings of police action in Turkey these days? Al Jazeera

Arizona ImmigrationArizona’s Voter ID law just got DENIED. The Supreme Court voted to strike down the Arizona law requiring voters to provide proof of citizenship. Apparently the National Voter Registration Act trumps Arizona’s proof of citizenship rule. But that’s not going to stop Republican Senator Ted Cruz from making those illegals show their IDs! Cruz announced he would add a voter ID requirement to the comprehensive immigration reform bill currently being debated in the Senate. New York Times

British FallYou’re a dumbass for locking yourself out of the house, but you’re really a dumbass when you attempt to climb down the outside of the building from a 15th floor apartment to try to get back in. A British man survived a fall from the 15th floor of a building in New Zealand. Locked out, he was trying to lower himself onto his balcony, which was directly below his neighbour’s, when he fell. The 20-year-old who was apparently “tipsy but polite” at the time of the incident, suffered bone fractures and internal injuries but is expected to recover. BBC News

Anti Social AppA social media app for the anti-social: a new anti-social media app has been developed that let’s you avoid your friends. The app looks at your Foursquare friends’ recent check-ins, calculates “optimal locations for avoiding them,” and slaps everything onto a nice Google Maps interface. Then you can walk around looking like sh*t and not have to worry about seeing anyone you know! Provided all your friends have Foursquare and check-in places. In which case, they’re probably not your friends to begin with. NBC News

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