Putin Trained His Snow Leopard Well…

Vladimir Putin Snow Leopard

Vladimir Putin’s snow leopard “friend” attacked two journalists moments before cuddling with the Russian President.

While on a tour of a Persian leopard sanctuary ahead of the Winter Games in Sochi, a leopard cub became agitated and attacked two journalists, scratching one on the hand and biting another on the knee. While lesser men stood back in fear, Putin, ever the rugged outdoorsman, stepped in to calm the leopard down with a series of cuddles.

Snow Leopard“We made friends,” he said, completely at ease with the 6-month-old leopard. “I like animals, it seems I have a feeling for them. We liked each other.”

In response to criticisms from environmentalists accusing the Russian authorities of damaging Sochi’s natural environment during the construction of the Games, Putin is eager to show that the construction efforts have actually improved the environmental situation in Sochi – for the snow leopards at least.

Yes, snow leopards are apparently Putin’s latest pet project. The Russian President is working to re-introduce the great Persian leopard to southern Russia where they became extinct in 1970.

“We’ve decided to restore the population of the snow leopard because of the Olympic Games,” Putin said. “Let’s say that because of the Olympic Games, we have restored parts of the destroyed nature.”

So, restore the snow leopards but kill all the stray dogs?

Via: The Telegraph 

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