Qatar 2022 World Cup Organizers Have Modern Day Slaves

Qatar Slaves

People from a rich Middle Eastern country treating migrant workers as slaves?? Yeah, I can believe it.

The Guardian reported that Nepalese workers in Qatar “face exploitation and abuses that amount to modern-day slavery”. Apparently these slaves are dying at a rate of almost one per day – mainly young men succumbing to heart attacks after working round the clock in 45 degree weather.

The investigation also found that forced labour was used in some World Cup projects, passports and IDs were confiscated, salaries delayed/not paid for several months, and no access to free drinking water.

“We’d like to leave, but the company won’t let us,” said one Nepalese migrant who is working on the construction of the 90,000-seater stadium that will host the World Cup final. “I’m angry about how this company is treating us, but we’re helpless. I regret coming here, but what to do? We were compelled to come just to make a living, but we’ve had no luck.”

To make matters worse, almost all migrant workers owe huge amounts of money to recruitment agents in Nepal who got them their job.  So when you combine debts with non-payment of wages and confiscation of documents, it becomes a little like modern-day slavery.

And to make matters even worse (for Qatar’s reputation), this is in sharp contrast to what is happening in the lead up to the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Brazil is taking men who, in their previous jobs, worked in conditions that were classified as slave labour and is employing them to work on World Cup construction. The whole thing is part of a state-sponsored program that trains former “slaves” in construction skills and helps them adjust to the regular workforce.

Qatar – what do you have to say for yourself?

The Qatar 2022 World Cup organizers say they are “appalled” by the findings of the migrant workers investigation and insists that  “the health, safety, well-being and dignity of every worker … is of the utmost importance.”

Fifa called for an immediate investigation into the deaths of dozens of Nepalese workers and the mistreatment of migrant workers in general.

The 2022 World Cup is already under scrutiny because of concerns about the effects Qatar’s disgusting summer heat could have on soccer players. If 20-year-old migrant workers/slaves are dropping dead left right and center, who knows what could happen to the precious athletes…

Via: The Guardian

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