Quebec Disguises Discrimination as “Quebec Values”

Quebec Values Charter of Values

Quebec’s controversial Charter of Quebec Values has proposed banning public workers from wearing overtly religious symbols.

Under the proposed Charter, public employees would not be allowed to wear overtly religious symbols at work, including religious headwear such as Muslim scarves and those little Jewish hats. If you’re a bit confused about what would be allowed and what would be forbidden, the Quebec government has released a helpful guide. The first three images are acceptable “non-ostentatious” religious symbols. The bottom five are big NO-NOs. They are far too ostentatious.

Allowed Not Allowed

The plan would apply to judges, police, prosecutors, public daycare workers, teachers, school employees, hospital workers and municipal personnel.  The Charter would also make it mandatory to have one’s face uncovered when providing or receiving a state service.

The proposed Charter of Values was unveiled on Tuesday by the Parti Quebecois (who else?), who control the provincial government in a minority government situation. The Parti Quebecois claims they are simply trying “to entrench the religious neutrality of the state and the secular nature of public institutions” in Quebec’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

But Quebec will keep the crucifix in the National Assembly, the cross will stay on Mount Royal, and Christmas trees will remain in provincial government buildings… because apparently hypocrisy is also a Quebec value.

Since the Parti Quebecois holds a minority government, they must win support from another party in order to enact the measure, and officials say it won’t be introduced for debate until later in the year. Now, this proposed Charter of Quebec Values is blatantly unconstitutional as a violation of freedom of religion guaranteed the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So if the proposal does get passed there is sure to be a legal sh*tstorm to follow.

But maybe that’s been the PQ’s strategy all along… Have their Charter of Quebec Values struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada and then blame the rest of the country for repressing their identity and try to get another referendum to separate out of it…. Or maybe they just don’t care for Muslims. Whatever.

Via: CBC News

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