Rand Paul Plagiarizes From Wikipedia

Rand Paul Wikipedia

Rand Paul has been accused of plagiarizing parts of the speech he gave Monday at Liberty University in Virginia from Wikipedia.

MSNBC television show host Rachel Maddow broke the story, claiming Rand Paul stole four lines from a Wikipedia entry about the movie “Gattaca.”

“When you are running for president, a plagiarism scandal is not what you want on your resume, especially not something as embarrassing as plagiarizing Wikipedia, but that is what Rand Paul has on his hands now,” Maddow said.

First, why was Rand Paul talking about a sci-fi movie? Well, he was using it as a cautionary tale, warning the audience that America could devolve into a society where genetic discrimination blah blah blah something anti-abortion.

Now, some of you Rand Paul lovers out there (Ron Paul?) are probably thinking, Rand Paul didn’t plagiarize from Wikipedia, he probably just wrote the Wikipedia entry himself after his speech went over so well! FALSE. The revision history of the Gattaca Wikipedia page revealed that no changes were made after Paul’s speech.

Also, this isn’t the first time Rand Paul/Rand Paul’s disgraced speechwriter has used movie exerts from Wikipedia to make a point. In a June speech to a bunch of Hispanic business leaders, he gave an almost word-for-word recitation of the Wikipedia entry for the movie “Stand and Deliver,” a film about an inner city math teacher.

Rand Paul’s office has refused to talk to anyone about the Wikipedia accusations… probably because they no longer have a speechwriter to fake a decent apology.

Via: Politico

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