Republicans Are Still To Blame… And Other News

Blame for Shutdown Republicans

Despite what this totally legitimate Fox News survey says, most polls show quite the opposite: Americans are blaming the Republicans for the recent government shutdown.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds 74 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are handling negotiations over the budget – up from 63 percent at the start of the shutdown. Disapproval of congressional Democrats has also risen – albeit by a smaller amount — 56 to 61 percent. But what sucks even worse for the GOP is that less than half of self-identified Republicans  approve of their own party’s strategy. Maybe they should just sign on to the Senate’s latest proposal while they’re still ahead at a more than 5 percent approval rating? Washington Post

Banksy-Stall-Spray-Art-Central-Park-South-NYC-SignedSometimes street art can be valuable. Actually, this is the only time street art has ever been valuable. England’s notoriously anonymous street-artist “Banksy” put together some of his original signed pieces up for sale at a Central Park booth on Saturday for just $60. Hardly anyone came by to look at what they assumed were low-quality Banksy knock-offs. Only 8 were sold, netting the street vendor $420.  Not bad, until you factor in that the canvasses have an estimated value of $40,000 each. That one guy from Chicago who bought four canvasses is probably pretty pleased with his purchases – same with the woman who negotiated a 50% discount for two smaller works. Banksy, who arrived in New York earlier this month, says the stall was a one-off stunt and will not reappaear. Or will it…? Raw Story

Death On HolidayDeath takes a holiday! Vacationing in Syria perhaps? New York City experienced a rare murder free week last week. According to the mayor’s office, no murders were reported in the five boroughs in the seven days ending last Sunday. Crime stats have been on the decline in New York but a murder free week is an anomaly – the last one occurred during a cold spell in January – it was far too cold to murder. In 2012, the city logged a record low of 419 murders. So far 256 murders have taken place in the city in 2013. We could have a new record holder – or murderers are just getting better at hiding bodies… Either way, death should vacation in Syria more often! And now it’s over… that was quick. NY Post

Madagascar-bubonic-plagueMadagascar’s so backwards it has the plague… the bubonic plague!!! Health experts say that Madagascar is at risk of a major outbreak of the bubonic plague unless it slows the spread of the disease. The bubonic plague, also named the Black Death when it killed an estimated 25 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages, it super rare – unless you’re an inmate in one of Madagascar’s rat-infested jails. Madagascar had 256 plague cases and 60 deaths last year but authorities believe this number could skyrocket if the plague hits the prison circuit. Hot humid October weather combined with chronic overcrowding and the unhygienic conditions in prisons equals a bubonic plague outbreak extraordinaire! The solution to the bubonic plague outbreak? Rat control! The solution to overcrowded prisons? Bubonic plague outbreak! The Guardian

Rain DiamondsIt’s raining men! cats and dogs! diamonds!! Scientists have claimed that diamonds fall from the sky on Saturn and Jupiter. Crazy powerful lightning storms in the giant planets’ atmospheres cause particles of carbon to form, which become crushed by pressure as they fall, causing dense chunks of diamonds to form. Buts diamonds aren’t forever on Saturn and Jupiter – these huge diamond “hail stones” then melt into a liquid sea in the planets’ hot cores, creating large luxurious oceans. The Telegraph

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