Rhode Island Approves Gay Marriage

Rhode Island Goes Gay

Rhode Island became the 10th state to legalize same-sex marriage on Thursday evening. Congrats to the 12 people living there!

Gay couples and gay supporters cheered as the legislation passed the Rhode Island House of Representatives following a final 56-15 vote. Governor Lincoln Chafer then quickly signed the bill on the Statehouse steps before anyone could change their minds.

“At long last, you are free to marry the person you love,” Chafee said.

Same-sex marriages in Rhode Island will begin August 1, a little late for wedding season but still better than nothing. Couples already in civil unions can also change their status to married beginning in August.

While largely Democrat, Rhode Island is also heavily Catholic (see: Family Guy), so the gay marriage legislation faced quite a bit of opposition. While Supporters framed the issue as one of civil rights, those damn Catholics kept bringing it back to the church.

One Catholic in particular was super opposed: Bishop Thomas Tobin, the Roman Catholic leader of Rhode Island, urged Rhode Island lawmaker to defeat what he believes is an “immoral and unnecessary” change to traditional marriage law.

In a published letter addressed to all Catholics, Tobin wrote that while Catholics should have “respect, love and pastoral concern” for LGBT individuals, they don’t have to accept gay relationships or attend gay wedding ceremonies. Respect then shun is his motto!

“Because ‘same-sex marriages’ are clearly contrary to God’s plan for the human family, and therefore objectively sinful, Catholics should examine their consciences very carefully before deciding whether or not to endorse same-sex relationships or attend same-sex ceremonies,” Tobin wrote. “To do so might harm their relationship with God.”

Luckily for Bishop Tobin, I don’t think he’ll be getting many invites for same-sex weddings any time soon.

Via: ABC News

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