Rob Ford is Already in Trouble at Rehab

Rob Ford Rehab

In his second media interview from rehab, Rob Ford admitted he was getting into trouble for making calls from rehab to journalists.

So naturally, after he got in trouble for talking to the media, he called up the media to tell them about it…

“There’s just a policy you’re not allowed to speak to the media in these programs. I didn’t know about that,” he told the Sun on Wednesday. “They weren’t too happy.”

I got into major shit for talking to you, so I can’t talk to you.”

Except for this one last interview, of course…

In his (final?) rehab interview, Mayor Rob Ford revealed that he is undergoing treatment in a facility that costs as much as six figures.

“It’s worth every dime, every dime,” he told the Toronto Sun. “A hundred grand is cheap. It’s a steal.”

PLEASE tell me it’s not taxpayer funded…

The mayor, who is supposedly undergoing treatment after more allegations of crack use surfaced in recent weeks, still would not reveal the location of the “amazing” rehab facility that reminds him of “football camp”.

Rob Ford posterAfter boarding a private jet bound for Chicago last week, Ford turned back (or was denied entry?) before he officially entered the U.S, leaving Canadians wondering “where in the world is Rob Ford” and “is he really in a rehab facility?” And cue the Rob Ford sightings

After a possible Rob Ford sighting at a Toronto Tim Hortons, his brother, Councilor Doug Ford, insisted that it was him and that the mayor is “nowhere close to the GTA”.

Even Mayor McCrack laughed at the report he was spotted in a Tim Hortons.

“That’s funny,” he said over the phone Wednesday from an undisclosed location which he claims is a rehab centre.

I think I speak for all Torontonians when I say, “Get off the phone and go back to rehab!!”

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  1. Randall Gilling
    May 8, 2014 at 6:41 pm #

    What a champ. Maybe they give out drunken stupor pills so he forgets he was messed up and tells everyone their rehab is a steal!

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