Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Also Buys Illegal Drugs

Illegal Drugs Rob Ford

Big surprise. After already admitting to smoking crack cocaine while in office and struggling with alcohol, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has now admitted to buying illegal drugs in the past two years. At least we know he’s not a moocher!

Rob Ford promised a “rumble in the jungle” before appearing before the city council, who were voting on whether or not the scandal-ridden mayor should take a leave of absence to deal with his personal problems. Instead, they got him to admit that he has bought illegal drugs within the past two years.

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, who put forth the motion asking Ford to temporarily step aside, asked:

“Have you purchased illegal drugs in the past two years?”

After a long pause, Ford replied, “Yes I have.”

I’m humiliated by it, but I can’t change the past,” said Ford. “All I can do is move on and that’s what I’m doing.”

Toronto city council members also voted 41-2 in favour of asking Rob Ford to step down. Unfortunately, the vote was symbolic pointless, as the council has no real authority to remove the mayor from power. Only the mayor (or criminal charges) can do that and Ford shows no signs of stopping. The crack-smoking mayor insisted on remaining in office, telling the council, “I’m definitely keeping this job. I am not leaving here.”

As hundreds of protesters chanted “resign” outside of Toronto’s City Hall and hundreds more lined up to receive commemorative Rob Ford bobbleheads, the mayor pledged to stay on as mayor and reaffirmed his plans to run for re-election in October 2014.

Councillor Denzil Minnian-Wong, who is also thinking of a mayoral run in 2014, was not impressed with his competition.

“People who live in this city will be paying for the damage caused by terrible judgment, serial deception and rampant ego for a long while to come,” Minnian-Wong said.

“I’m so tired of waking up in the morning and wondering: ‘What will it be today?’

Really? I’m not tired of it at all. And judging from the current pace of things, tomorrow’s headline will probably be “Rob Ford: Baby-Stealing, Kitten-Eating Drug Dealer”.

Via: The National Post

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