Mayor Rob Ford Makes Graphic Remarks at Media Scrum

Rob Ford Media Scrum

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford should probably stop talking (and eating – but that’s a whole other story). The latest news surrounding the crack smoking mayor is that he announced during a profanity-ridden media scrum that he’s taking legal action against staffers for crack and prostitution allegations.

A profane media scrum aired live on television left journalists vomiting in their notebooks and viewers ripping out their eardrums.

Rob Ford made some graphic remarks while defending himself against his drug use (old news) and his prostitution use (new news!). Ford threatened legal action against former chief of staff Mark Towhey and others following the release of court documents, which revealed that his staffers told police they thought a young blonde friend of his was a prostitute – among other things.

“I don’t appreciate people calling Alana a prostitute, I never had a prostitute here, I’m very happily married at home,” he said. “She’s a friend and it makes me sick that people are saying this.”

Ford also denied saying “I want to eat your pussy” to a former female staffer, another allegation contained in the court documents.

“I’m happily married, I have more than enough to eat at home,” he said.

And that’s the moment everyone threw up.

Ford also threatened to sue a waiter from the Bier Markt who claimed Ford was doing lines of coke on St. Patrick’s Day, 2012.

However, there was one allegation that Ford owned up to: drinking and driving.

“I might have had some drinks and driven, which is absolutely wrong.”

“I’m not perfect.. I know none of you guys have ever, ever had a drink and gotten behind the wheel. I know that,” he told the group of reporters at the media scrum.

When asked by reporters if he was considering taking a leave of absence, Ford replied, “You guys can take a leave of absence!”

Great comeback.

Via: CBC News

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