Russian Hackers Go After Hunters (AKA Russian Grindr)

Russian Hunters Grindr

The biggest threat to the Sochi Olympic Games is not Dagestani terrorists hell bent on blowing up athletes or the piles of rotting dog carcasses lining the streets of Sochi. No, the biggest threat to the Winter Olympics is obviously gay dating apps – which is why Russian hackers have attacked Hunters, the Russian equivalent to Grindr.

The gay dating app was attacked by hackers who programmed it to send an anonymous threat to all users on Feb. 1 at 11:52 that read “You will be arrested and jailed for gay propaganda in Sochi according to Russian Federationa Law #135 Sektion 6.” Referring, of course, to Russia’s infamous anti-gay law that bans anyone from publicly advocating being homosexual, or distributing pro-homosexual “propaganda” to minors.

In addition to the ominous message, the Hunters app is now blocked for all users in Sochi and approximately 72,000 user profiles were deleted throughout Russia. Users were told their passwords were incorrect and that they were banned from accessing the site for the next “55,260 minutes” – which is oddly specific…

Hunters’ CEO, Dimitry T, who withheld his last name because he’d rather not spend the rest of his life in a Russian Gulag, responded to the hacking with this:

“I urge the entire gay community and all of those who consider the Internet to be a free zone to boycott not only Russian vodka but also everything that is linked to the Olympics and not to buy any Olympic souvenirs.

This attack should be looked at as an attack on the worldwide gay community with the goal of blocking any gay interactions during the Winter Games in Sochi, including those between athletes and locals.”

Dimitry also said the team at Hunters was only able to restore 24% of the dating profiles after “12 long hours” of work. Hopefully  these dating profile pics were among the ones that were destroyed forever.

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