Samoan Teenager Arrested for Mocking Prime Minister

Samoan PM

Justice: Samoan Style.

A Samoan boy has been arrested for talking smack about the island nation’s Prime Minister. 

The teenager took part in a video that ridiculed Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele and used “insulting words”. Police on the scene say the video, filmed with a cell phone on a plantation, was “emotionally distressful” and included “verbal harassment” of the prime minister. The video itself is being kept under wraps, but my guesses would be it’s either criticizing his weight, his crazy unpopular idea to switch from driving on the right to driving on the left, or allegations of prisoners working on government officials’ plantations. Probably not the first one considering everyone in Samoa is morbidly overweight

Anyways, once the video went to Facebook, the village chiefs in his home village Sili, went cocoNUTS and arrested the boy. Matai or chiefs of the village also fined the boy’s family $10,000, 30 cartons of tinned fish and two cows. 30 cartons of tinned fish? That’s a year’s salary in Samoa! But if they don’t pony up the tinned fish and cows, the village may evict the family.

The prime minister accepted the apology of the village but the boy is still being held in custody until the police determine if he should be brought to court. But at this point, all signs point to yes.

Yikes. Imagine what would have happened if he called the Prime Minister a potato?

Via:  Samoa Observer

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