Sarah Palin: Reality TV Star. Take Two.

Reality TV Sarah Palin

If at first you don’t succeed, try another reality TV show! Sarah Palin is returning to the small screen hosting Amazing America on the Sportsman Channel next year.

Sarah Palin recently signed on to host Amazing America – the amazing part being that someone would let her star in another reality TV show. The outdoorsy show will take Palin out of Alaska to give viewers a coast-to-coast tour of people and stories that “reflect her passion” for what makes America great. Palin will celebrate the “red, wild and blue” lifestyle by profiling stories related to hunting, shooting and fishing.

“The network showcases a lifestyle that I love and celebrate every day and it’s great to be a part of their team,” Palin said in a statement provided by the network.

Other working titles for the show included: The Search for Relevancy, I Need More Money, and Sarah Palin: From Vice Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party To… This. 

The Sportman Channel is pretty pumped to have the ex-Vice Presidential candidate on board. Channel CEO Gavin Harvey said in a statement that the network is “ecstatic and very proud” Palin picked their station to make her triumphant return to reality TV.

“Governor Palin is one of America’s most popular leaders, whose powerful love of country and passion for the great outdoors is inspiring to millions and millions of people,” Harvey said.

“As a sportswoman, humanitarian, and patriot who has visited every corner of the USA, there is no one more qualified to host ‘Amazing America’ than Sarah Palin.”

Well she’s definitely more qualified to host a hunting show than being the Vice President, so it’s a step in the right direction.

Amazing America will deput in April 2014. So far, the Sportsman Channel has ordered 12 episodes of the series but the former Alaskan Governor doesn’t have the best track record for reality TV shows. Her last attempt at reality TV, the short-lived series about her home state, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, only made it to 8 episodes before being cancelled.

Still, it fared better than Rob Ford’s one episode trainwreck, Ford Nation.

Via: Fox News

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