Saudi Cleric: Working Women Should Be Molested

Saudi Cleric

A Saudi cleric / writer is facing backlash over his Tweets, urging followers to sexually harass working women in order to protect their chastity. Makes sense.

Abdullah Mohamed al-Dawood, a Saudi cleric and writer who has almost 100,000 Twitter followers, is advocating harassment as a way of discouraging women from working in mixed-gender work environments. More specifically, he urged his Twitter followers to sexually molest women hired to work as cashiers in big grocery stores, using the hashtag “harass_female_cashiers”.

Al-Dawood’s campaign to force women to stay home and protect their chastity has been met with outrage. Hundreds of Saudis and other Arab tweeters attacked him, some asking him what right he had to stop women working, asking, “what kind of person urges the youth to commit debauchery?” and suggesting he harass his own wife and leave others alone.

Others, however, have applauded him and his crusade to preserve the country’s deeply conservative Islamic identity. While Saudi women have long worked in all-female workplaces, it is now becoming more common for them to work in public places alongside men. This is not sitting well with the conservatives, al-Dawood included, who continue to fight against government efforts to westernize (i.e corrupt) Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi cleric justified his call to sexually harass working women by using an obscure story from the early days of Islam. In the story, a famous warrior, Al Zubair, does not want his wife to leave the house so he hides in a dark alley, waiting for her to appear. When he sees her, he runs up and molests her in the street. The wife, now terrified of the outside world, rushes home and vows never to leave again. Well, that’s a lovely, f*cked up story.

Via: Gulf News 

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