God Save the Queen! Mass Floods Swamp England… And Other News

Floods swamp england

While North America is dealing with blizzards and ice storms, England is suffering from its own weather problems.

Heavy rainstorms and hurricane force winds have flooded parts of England and Wales, making living there even more dreary than usual. The Thames river has burst its bank, flooding 1,135 homes so far and leaving another 5.2 million homes at risk of flooding. Even Windsor Castle has been threated by the floods. But don’t worry, the Queen is safe; she lives in a castle – the rainwater just acts as an extra moat. But for the commoners of England, the clean-up costs could reach £1bn by the time the floods are finished. While Prime Minister David Cameron initially declared that money is “no object” when it comes to the aftermath of the flood, his Transport Secretary is a bit more frugal, saying there is no “blank cheque” for flooding relief. The Guardian

Gay MarriageKentucky is no longer backwards? Well, it’s still pretty backwards, but it’s slowly coming around. The socially conservative redneck hub is the latest state to reject a ban related to same-sex marriage. A federal judge in Kentucky ruled Wednesday that the state’s ban on recognizing gay marriages from other states violated the Constitution and treats “gay and lesbian persons differently in a way that demeans them.” The decision came about after four gay and lesbian couples brought forward lawsuits complaining the state didn’t recognize their out-of-state marriages. But before you go planning a Kentucky Fried Chicken themed gay wedding, note that the ruling only requires Kentucky to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples performed in other states or countries – you still can’t get married IN Kentucky – that would be way too progressive. Washington Post

SinkholePossibly in retaliation for their more lenient stance on gay marriage, a hungry sinkhole in Kentucky has swallowed up at least eight cars belonging to the National Corvette Museum. Staff at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green were shocked when they walked into work on Wednesday and saw a 40-foot sinkhole and eight missing sports cars.  “I was stunned,” Butch Hume, president of Louisville’s Falls City Corvette Club, said. “That just doesn’t happen in Kentucky and what a terrible place for it to happen.” And what a terrible time too – the museum is going to have its 20th anniversary this year! Now if only a sinkhole would somehow form under Rand Paul’s Bowling Green, Kentucky estate… or at least the Creation MuseumIndy Star

Best Buds Hollande ObamaAmerica and France are friends again. Despite some stress over last minute seating chart arrangements, French President Francois Hollande’s solo visit to the States is going smoothly – as long as France promises to stay away from Iran. Before the state dinner to celebrate the arrival of the French President, Obama vowed to come down on companies that evade sanctions against Iran “like a ton of bricks” then gave Hollande a sharp warning glare. Obama’s ton of bricks comment was in regards to a delegation of French executives who went to Tehran last week hoping to score some business deals while the interim nuclear agreement with Iran in still in play. After the moment of tension passed, the two leaders devoted their time to discussing the ongoing crisis in Syria… which should take a while. New York Times

Death to America - IranApparently Obama has good reason to tell France to stay away from Iran – they want to kill us. Despite the budding friendship/phone contact between President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, “Death to America!” was heard at rallied around Iran on Tuesday during the 35th anniversary celebration of the Islamic Revolution. Tens of thousands of protesters packed the streets outside the former US embassy in Tehran in what became one of the biggest anti-US rally in years. Turns out some Iranians are not too pleased with Rouhani’s outreach to Washington, and therefore America must die. And Israel too – just because. Al Jazeera

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