Send Your Stuffed Animals on the Vacation of a Lifetime!

Stuffed Animals on Vacation

Too broke to travel? Why not live vicariously through your stuffed animals!

A Japanese travel company is offering package holidays for stuffed animals. Unagi Travel will take your toys to popular tourist attractions, shopping trips and even hot new restaurants. The price of the package trips range anywhere from $20 and $95, depending on the destination. Some of 200 stuffed animals who have already participated have been as far away as Los Angeles and London – while others prefer the nationalistic route and just travel throughout Japan.

For the bargain price of $45 dollars your teddy bear can embark on the Tokyo tour, stopping at five major sightseeing stops in the city. A day and a half tour to Kyoto, however, will set you back $95. The best deal though is the “mystery tour” which only costs $35 and your stuffed animal gets to travel on a plane to an exotic locale.

38-year-old Sonoe Azuma is the brains behind the stuffed animal travel operation. She claims that living vicariously through inanimate objects actually makes you feel like you’re on a vacation yourself. And the tour guides make sure every magical moment of your stuffed animals trip is captured – either through pictures or videos. Just make sure your stuffed animal doesn’t sucker you into sitting through a four-hour trip slideshow.

Via: The Daily Mail

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