Sister Act 4: Nuns Smuggle Cocaine in Colombia


Three women dressed up as nuns were caught at a Colombian airport with cocaine taped to their bodies. Sadly, Whoopi Goldberg was not involved.

The fake nuns were asked them to step aside when they arrived on the island of San Andres following a flight from Bogota – a notorious drug trafficking route. Police were suspicious because they appeared nervous and something seemed a bit off about their nun garb. All three broke down in tears when police found more than four pounds of cocaine strapped to each of their legs. I guess they got busted for having bad “habits”. All three were arrested on drug trafficking charges. Their chances of getting away with it are slim to “nun”. Ok, I’ll stop now.

Their first mistake was travelling along a well-known smuggling route for cocaine. Their second mistake was strapping the cocaine to their legs – try something more creative! Any smuggler can just strap things to their legs –and cocaine is an easy thing to strap. This Australian genius tried to smuggle two pigeons across the border in his legs. Pigeons!

Pigeon Pants

Next time the nuns should do what any self-respecting self-loathing smuggler does and stick packets of drugs up their butts. No one is going to anally penetrate a nun – fake or not.

Via: BBC News

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