Dangerous Levels of Smog Makes China More Humorous

Shanghai Smog Prob

China’s pollution problem (or smog prob) is getting so bad that the Chinese are fleeing to the moon to get away from it.

Those who can’t flee to the moon, can still rely on eccentric millionaire Chen Guangbiao, to solve their smog probs. Guangbiao is selling cans of fresh air collected and compressed from the outer regions of China. The cans cost 80 cents and can be inhaled or slowly sipped. Either Guangbiao is obsessed with the movie Spaceballs or he’s trying to highlight the dangerous conditions of air pollution in the country – by producing thousands of aluminum cans.

The hazardous levels of smog paint a gloomy picture for the future of China but if you look really closely through the smog, you can see the faint outline of a silver lining. China’s national broadcaster has identified six benefits of the country’s smog problem:

1)   It has made people more united, because smog is a common enemy everywhere in China.

2)   It has made people more equal, because both the rich and the poor have to inhale the same polluted air.

3)   It has made the Chinese more clear-headed as to the price that the nation has to pay for becoming the “world’s factory.”

4)   It has made the Chinese more humorous. Sarcasm abounds when it comes to the topic of smog, and “that sense of humor is the source of strength for defeating the smog.”

5)   It has made the Chinese more knowledgeable, as people become educated on concepts like PM 2.5, important historical events like the London Great Smog of 1952, and even English words like “haze” and “smog.”

6)   It may be beneficial for military defense. “If smog has enveloped the target, [a cruise missile battle] may fail as it cannot discover or identify the target. Of course, this is a good thing for the defense side. During the Kosovo war, the Yugoslav army tried to avoid NATO bombing by artificially creating smog through burning scrap tires.”

Yes, ignore all environmental regulations, because humour is all China needs to defeat the smog. Problem solved, next crisis please.

Via: Forbes

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