Sneaky Cubans Plant Hooker Story About Senator Menendez

Bob Menendez Cuba Hooker Story

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is asking the Justice Department to pursue evidence obtained by U.S. investigators that the Cuban government concocted an elaborate plot to smear him with allegations that he canoodled with underage prostitutes.

Bob Menendez, one of Washington’s most ardent critics of the Castro regime, claimed that the hooker story published by The Daily Caller in 2012 was part of a Cuban plot to thwart his reelection campaign and his efforts to chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

But now he has some proof to back it up! U.S. intelligence believes the Cuban government was behind claims that New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez was soliciting underage prostitutes. The CIA has reportedly obtained “credible evidence” that Havana tried to plant the rumor that Menendez liked his hookers young in several U.S. and Latin American publications.

Word has it that pperatives from Cuba’s Directorate of Intelligence created a fake tipster who told FBI agents (among others) he had information about Menendez participating in poolside sex parties with underage prostitutes while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

While most of the media treated the story with skepticism, the right-wing Daily Caller, founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, ran with it because… well, it was founded by an idiot.

“It is deeply disturbing that a foreign government whose intelligence service is an enemy of the United States might try to influence U.S. foreign policy by discrediting an elected official who is an opponent of the Cuban regime,” Menendez’s attorney said.

Since the story first ran, three Dominican women who claimed to have sex with Menendez for money have backtracked on their stories. Plus, the FBI was never able to verify the prostitution charges against him.

Oh well, I guess now we’re even for creating that fake Cuban Twitter network designed to stir up unrest and undermine the communist government in Cuba…

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