Forget The Terrorist Threats, Sochi Has a Bigger Problem: The Bathroom Situation

Sochi Toilet

Apparently the Russians were too busy beefing up their security and defending themselves against accusations of homophobia that they forgot how to properly construct a bathroom.

After BBC journalist Steve Rosenberg tweeted a picture from the men’s bathroom at the Olympic Biathlon Centre showing two toilets side by side in the same stall, some began to question if the budget for the Olympic Games, estimated to be $50bn, had been spent wisely.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny retweeted the picture adding the comment: “This is a men’s toilet in a Sochi Olympics media centre for 1.5bn roubles [$45m].”

Spending criticisms aside, this is the most awkward (and possibly gayest?) bathroom situation that I’ve ever seen. How do you even reach for paper with your bowl buddy sitting next to you?

Wait… I take that back. THIS is the most awkward bathroom situation I’ve ever seen:

Awkward bathroom

(Communal toilets at Kazan University, Russia – aka my worst nightmare)

But in Russia’s defense, maybe these toilets are all part of the Olympic spirit, designed to bring the athletic community together. While they’re not competing in official Olympic events, the athletes can maintain their competitive nature by participating in tandem pissing and synchronized pooping events.  

Via: BBC News

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