Soldier and Stray Cat Find Love in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Stray Cat

Staff Sergeants Jesse Knott found hope in the companionship of a stray cat in Afghanistan and brought him back home to Oregon.

Knott first noticed the stray cat wondering around his army base in southern Afghanistan. The cat was in a rough condition with open wounds and paint in his fur. Knott, suspecting the stray cat was being abused, took the cat into his office even though army personnel are not allowed to have pets.

For seven months Knotts cared for the cat, who he named Koshka. But it turns out Koshka was the one who saved him.

“(Koshka) gave a lot of love back to me. He was the thing that got me through some of my darkest times on that deployment,” Knott said. “When two of my friends were killed in a suicide attack I lost all hope. It was my darkest time and he’s what got me through it. Just the bit of compassion and love that cat showed me is what it took to remind me to stay strong.”

When his service ended he knew there is no way he could leave Koshka behind in Afghanistan. Since he wasn’t able to get Koshka on a military convey, he sought out the help of a local interpreter who risked his life by travelling with the cat to Kabul. After weeks of waiting, Koshka eventually made it to Kabul and was able to fly to Portland, Oregon to be reunited with Knotts. It cost his parents $3,000 to fly Koshka home but now Koshka is happy and healthy living in Oregon. Totally worth it.

“He pulled me out of one of my darkest times so I had to pull him out of one of his darkest places,” Knott said, “That cat saved my life.”

Based on this story alone, I think we can all agree that the war in Afghanistan was officially worth the trillions of dollars spent and tens of thousands of lives lost.


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