South Korea Shows Off Its Giant Missile – Parade Style… And Other News

South Korea Parade

Someone’s showing off…. South Korea proudly displayed its longest-range missile – capable of striking all of North Korea – as well as some other sophisticated weaponry at a massive military parade on Tuesday.

I guess North Korea isn’t the only Korea that likes to brag about its weapons. The display of military force at the Armed Forces Day parade was meant to show North Korea who’s boss and warn them that any attack would have grave consequences. And also Koreans just love a good parade! At the parade South Korean President Park Geun-hye said, “We have to build strong deterrence against North Korea until the North abandons its nuclear programme and makes the right choice for the people of North Korea and peace on the Korean Peninsula.” Nothing says peace on the Korean Peninsula like holding a giant cruise missile parade and rubbing it in Kim Jong-un’s face! CTV News

ShutdownThe Nazis couldn’t stop them, and neither can the government shutdown! About 90 World War II vets from Mississippi, who are likely around 90 years old, arrived in Washington DC on Tuesday to visit the World War II Memorial, which was recently closed because of the government shutdown. But the vets were determined to get in – shutdown or no shutdown! “We didn’t come this far not to get in,” one veteran proclaimed. So the wheelchair bound veterans pushed aside the barricades and knocked down the gates and they visited the sh*t out of that memorial. The Park Police didn’t really know what to do so they just kind of stood to the side and let the vets go about their business. But what will they do when a dozen more tour buses filled with angry elderly veterans visit this week? Stars and Stripes

Breaking-BadThere are only two things that are trending in the news right now: the government shutdown and Breaking Bad. Coincidence? Did Breaking Bad end and the government was so upset they lost the will to govern? My sources (aka my cats) say no. But one thing is for sure – Breaking Bad is a lot more popular than the US government right now. The drama series had 10.3 million viewers Sunday night, smoking its previous record viewership of 6.6 million the week before. As for the plot of the final episode, the Twitter consensus is that is was “the most satisfying series ending for any show on TV, ever.” CBC News

Scissor AttackThis is why you’re not supposed to run with scissors. At least five people were stabbed or slashed in New York City’s Riverside Park this morning after what can only be described as an “emotionally unstable” man went on a scissor rampage. Four of the victims, including a father and his toddler, were rushed to the hospital after the scissor attack, which happened in a busy section of the park. The emotionally disturbed scissor nut was taken into custody then to Bellevue Hospital for what will likely be a lengthy evaluation. New York Times

Oh CanadaOh Canada! The Canadian national anthem is too sexist according to a group of Canadian women — including former prime minister Kim Campbell and author Margaret Atwood — who want to change the national anthem to make it more gender neutral. The group is launching a website – – to promote their cause. More specifically, the campaigners want to change the lyric “in all thy sons command,” replaced with “in all of us command.”  Meh. It’ll just give Canadians something new to mumble at the beginning of hockey games. National Post

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