St. Patrick’s Day + Rob Ford = Another Drunken Video

Rob Ford St. Patrick's Day

A new video has emerged of Mayor Rob Ford that reportedly shows him slurring his words, swearing, stumbling, and generally acting like every other St. Patrick’s Day drunk.

Who would have thought that a holiday devoted to drinking would bring out the worst in Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?

The footage, recorded outside City Hall on Saturday night by a “star-struck” suburban mom and her teenage son, shows the mayor wearing green St. Patrick’s Day beads and standing with a group of people. The mayor agreed to take a picture with them but then began slurring his words and swearing.

When reporters questioned him about the video during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, Ford appeared irritated and wouldn’t confirm whether or not he had been drinking – an activity he had sworn off months in November but quickly backtracked on, claiming he “wasn’t elected to be perfect”.

“Guys, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, alright? It’s about St. Patrick’s Day,” said Ford, who was wearing an oversized shiny-green bow tie and a shamrock necklace.

“Were you drinking last night? You never drink, right? You guys don’t drink,” he said when asked if he had been partying.

Still, it’s a vast improvement over his 2012 St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, during which Ford allegedly attacked two aides, referred to a South Asian taxi driver as a “Paki” and mocked his accent, stormed the dance floor of a downtown bar, threw a wild after-hours party inside the mayor’s office, and wandered around city hall with a half-empty bottle of booze. So yeah… he’s getting better, one St. Patrick’s Day at a time!

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