Does Your Partner Have STDs? There’s an App for That.


STDs have never been so easy to share! The Los Angeles Unified School District has just announced plans to start using the app as part of its sexual education curriculum.

Schools in the Los Angeles area will begin sharing the STD-tracking app with seventh and ninth grade health teachers for them to discuss with students. Apparently these kids are STD magnets: A 2011 study by the Los Angeles County Health Department found that city residents between the ages of 13 to 19 accounted for 16 percent of all gonorrhea and 25 percent of all chlamydia in the county.

The free app, first launched for users aged 18+ in 2010, shows users where to get STD tests at clinics that will release the results online. After taking the test, their results, positive or negative, will be posted on’s servers. Users can then share the results confidentially with a partner via a text message. When shared, the results can be viewed just once in a Snapchat-like fashion. Users can also opt to use a pseudonym instead of their real name to avoid potential public embarrassment. The app also reminds people to get their STDs checked out yearly.

Company founder Ramin Bastani came up with the idea of the STD app after “a girl slapped me in the face after I asked if she’d been ‘tested.'” Not sure if asking to see her test results online would do him much better but Bastani just wants to “make STD testing suck less.” The only catch (besides the embarrassment of your gonorrhea being public knowledge)? Althought the app is “free” it costs $9.99 to see the results.

Well, it’s still a better idea than the one the Brits are working on. British health officials are working on a new app that will allow users to pee into their cell phones and find out within minutes if they have an STD.

Via: The Huffington Post

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