Stealth Bombers Over South Korea… and Other News.

Stealth Bombers

Kim Jong-un wets his pants as US stealth bombers fly over South Korea. The US has flown two B-2 stealth bombers over South Korea as part of a joint military drill to prove its forces could conduct “long-range, precision strikes quickly and at will”. This show of force will likely further enrage North Korea who has already threatened nuclear strikes against the US and South Korea. Washington and Seoul say the drills are routine and defensive but North Korea isn’t known for underreacting… National Post

Choc BunnyThe chocolate bunny legal battle is over. Bringing an end to more than a decade of court battles, Lindt loses the case over the Easter bunny trademark. The German court rejected Swiss chocolate maker Lindt’s plea to trademark their gold foil wrapped chocolate Easter bunny—with its distinct trademark red bow tie. Who won the case? Confiserie Riegelein, the German chocolate maker that Lindt said was producing similar bunnies. Peter Riegelein, head of the family-owned chocolate company, was thrilled with the decision. “The sitting gold-wrapped bunny has been a firm part of our offering for at least a half century.” Bunnies for everyone! Reuters

NelsonFormer South African President Nelson Mandela is back in the hospital and “responding positively” to treatment for the recurrence of a lung infection. This marks the third time in four months that Mandela, 94, South Africa’s first black president, has been hospitalized. Apparently Mandela has struggled with lung problems since he contracted tuberculosis during his 27 years in prison in the apartheid era. Still… 94 is pretty good. New York Times

Cyprus banksSavers rejoice as banks reopen in Cyprus! After a nearly two-week shutdown to hammer out the bailout package, banks reopened today in Cyrpus. The banks will place strict control on transactions, including a limit of withdrawals. Otherwise everyone would withdraw everything. Officials say the emergency rules imposed to prevent a bank run will be temporary, initially for seven days, but economists say they will be difficult to lift as long as the economy is in crisis. On a more positive note, at least they reached a bailout agreement with the EU this week. Which is likely to push Cyprus deeper into an economic slump, shrink the banking sector and cost thousands of jobs… Reuters

LanzaNew details have emerged from the Adam Lanza / Newtown shooting case. Police have revealed that it only took five minutes for Adam Lanza to kill 26 children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School, effectively ruining everybody’s Christmas. Literature distributed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) was discovered inside the home of Newtown shooter. One of the books removed from Lanza’s home is a spiral-bound volume titled, NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting. Other items discovered in his home include a massive amount of ammunition, swords, and a bulletproof vest. Police say Lanza’s motive is still unclear and they hope to have a full report by June. NBC News

feetDoes Pope Francis have a foot fetish? Pope Francis is determined to be a humble pope and to prove it he will wash the feet of prisoners in a youth detention centre near Rome. The washing of feet on the Thursday before Easter is a Christian tradition commemorating Christ’s Last Supper. During the service, the Pope is supposed to wash and kiss the feet of 12 people to replicate the Bible’s account of Jesus Christ’s gesture of humility towards his 12 apostles on the night before he was crucified. Fine, but did he have to choose prisoners? BBC News

OScar POscar Pistorius, the blade runner charged with murdering his girlfriend, is now allowed to travel after he challenged his bail terms. A judge said the Olympic and Paralympic star would be allowed to leave South Africa to compete as long as he complies with certain conditions. Fun fact: Oscar’s borther Carl is also on trial for homicide. Their parents must be very proud. Globe and Mail

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