Superbug for Super Sluts… And Other News


Bad news for sluts: a new sex superbug has been discovered in Hawaii.

The new drug-resistant strain of gonorrhoea (sex superbug!) has left doctors worrying about its long term affects. Some are warning that it has the potential to be “a lot worse than AIDS in the short run because the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect people more quickly.” And gonorrhoea isn’t all fun and games (although that’s probably how most people get it) – the new strain has the potential to put someone into septic shock and death in a matter of days. No deaths have been reported yet but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention isn’t taking any chances – they are seeking $50 million from Congress to research an antibiotic that could treat the disease. The ‘sex superbug’, also known as H041 was first discovered in Japan in 2011 and then spread to Hawaii. The slut-bug has now surfaced in California and Norway. If only Bill Gates would hurry up with his condom challenge…. Daily Mail

Youtube and catsBoooo-tube. YouTube is rumoured to be announcing that it will start charging a monthly subscription for certain channels. The Google-owned video site may begin charging $1.99 for a one-month channel subscription. While YouTube hasn’t officially announced its plan, it’s been an open secret in the industry for a while now. Now before you freak out and stab yourself on the face, the majority of videos on YouTube will remain free to all – you will not miss out on any of Maru’s latest adventures! What a relief! New York Times

Soccer Referree DiesYou know you’re getting a little too competitive when you kill a referee during a recreational soccer league match. A Utah prosecutor is preparing to file charges against the teenager who punched a soccer referee in the head for calling a penalty. 46-year-old Ricardo Portillo died over the weekend after being in a coma for a week. The teenager is currently awaiting trail in juvenile detention. Just remember kids – it’s only a game. Unless you’re on steroids – then it’s kill or be killed. Washington Post

auschwitzIt’s been a rough day for Nazis. A 93-year-old alleged former Auschwitz guard has been arrested in southern Germany. Prosecuters say there is “compelling evidence” that Hans Lipschis took part in the mass murder of innocent civilians but Hans swears he was just a cook. And by cook he means he was in charge of the crematoria ovens… Fast forward 70 years and the Nazis are still at it: protesters are rallied outside a German courtroom today as the trial for a neo-nazi woman begins today in Munich. Beate Zschaepe, a member of a German neo-Nazi cell, is part of a trio accused of 10 execution-style shootings between 2000 and 2007. BBC News

3d gun is stupidFirst, is this really necessary? Second, how is it even possible? The world’s first 3D gun has been successfully fired. The gun, made with 3D printer technology, aims to challenge the gun control desired by Obama’s “oppressive regime”. The free software allows anyone semi-computer literate to make plastic gun using a 3D printer. The group behind the 3D gun is Defense Distributed, a Texas based company headed by a 25-year-old student. According to the company’s website, they “look to inspire and defend those who live (and are threatened to live) under politically oppressive regimes. Firearm rights are human rights.” Luckily, the 3D guns are illegal outside the U.S. Inside the U.S, however, a person can manufacture a firearm for their own use. I supposed the use of 3D technology to make tools is great and all, but you’d think he could have put his efforts to better use. Maybe design a water pump for poorer regions instead of weapons to kill people? Oh Texas… CBC News

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