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New York City Mayoral Update: Weiners & Kittens

Bill de Blasio New York City Race

New York City is one step closer to replacing Mayor Michael Bloomberg!

According to unofficial results, Bill de Blasio has won New York City’s Democratic mayoral primary. But even though he won the most votes, the Board of Elections isn’t letting him go that easy. Instead they said they would hold a recount in the Democratic race since de Blasio captured 40.21 percent of the votes cast—hovering just barely above the magic threshold of the 40 percent needed to avoid a runoff.

You know what else would have avoided a runoff? Weiner dropping out of the race. Now it will take another week or so to recount the votes and if de Blasio is under 40 percent, a runoff will be held on Oct.1 with the second place finisher, former city controller Bill Thompson.

However, without Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger in the race, we wouldn’t have been able to laugh at his dismal 5% finish. And as if acquiring only 5% of the vote wasn’t humiliating enough, one of his sexting partners, Sydney Leathers (who incidentally is now launching a porn career), showed up at Weiner’s campaign party intending to confront him. When Weiner caught wind of her plan, he tried to sneak in through the backdoor of the McDonald’s next door. Being the fame whore that she is, Sydney ran after him, resulting in an awkwardly hilarious McDonald’s chase.

As for who didn’t show up, well, that would be Wiener’s wife, Huma Abedin. Weiner did not mention her in his concession speech and despite being by his side during the height of his scandal, she was noticeably absent from the party.

After the McDonald’s chase and the concession speech, Weiner was driven away from the rally but not before flipping off a bunch of reporters. Great way to end a great campaign!

On the Republican front, Joe Lhota, the former head of the New York City transit service and the official anti-kitten candidate, won the Republican race with 52% of the vote, defeating gazillionaire John Catsimatidis, who had 41 percent of the vote.

Hmm. I’m not too sure about this one. There’s only one thing I care about when it comes to voting – a candidate’s stance on kittens (hence why Stephen Harper is in power in Canada). After train service was stopped in Brooklyn last week to rescue two little kittens on the tracks, Lhota announced he would not have shut down the trains. Big mistake.

Kitten on Subway Tracks

His opponents quickly jumped on this.

Main rival John Catsimatidis reaffirmed his love of kittens and noted that you can’t spell “Catsimatidis” without “cats”.

As for the Democrats, a spokesman says Bill Thompson would “work to protect” the subway kittens in such a situation.

Christine Quinn’s spokesperson says she “would have stopped the trains for the kitties.”

Even Weiner tried to scrounge up a few votes by appealing to cat lovers.

“If Anthony is elected mayor,” his spokesperson Barbara Morgan said, “he will not only stop trains for kittens, he will personally crawl over the third rail to do it.

Luckily Lhota realized his mistake in time to win the primary. At the Republican mayoral debate Lhota insisted he was pro-cat.

I never said I wanted to kill a cat. I’m not the anti-kitten candidate. Let’s talk about the facts, let’s talk about the real facts here. First off, as you all know, I have pets. I love pets. I grew up with cats … We have thousands of cats, literally thousands of cats, that are in the subway system every single day, day and night, scurrying across the tracks and they don’t get killed.”

On second thought, that doesn’t sound very pro-cat at all…. it sounds like helpless kittens will be left to fend for themselves under Lhota’s rule. Can we get Anthony Weiner back??? Please??

Via: BBC News

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Huma Abedin’s Islamist Ties Cause Anthony Weiner to Sext

Huma Abedin

The underlying reason behind Anthony Weiner’s sexting addiction has been revealed on Fox News: Weiner is un-attracted to his wife, Huma Abedin, because “she is connected with Islamists”. It allll makes sense now.

It’s not Anthony Weiner’s fault he feels compelled to send dick pics to other woman. The NYC mayoral candidate couldn’t help it – he’s married to Huma Abedin, an Islamist who wants to “destroy America” with the help of her familial connections in the Muslim Brotherhood. Or at least this was Fox guest Brooke Goldstein’s conclusion during Thursday morning’s edition of Red Eye.

When discussing the (second) Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, the Lawfare Project’s Brooke Goldstein said that the real question everyone should be asking “is why is Weiner so un-attracted to Huma Abedin.” And Brooke, a self-proclaimed human rights lawyer/some pole dancer who won a contest to appear on FOX, has the answer!

“Perhaps it’s because she is connected with Islamists who want to kill us. Perhaps it’s because her family members are part and parcel of the Muslim Brotherhood. I completely agree with Andy McCarthy that she poses one of the greatest national security threats in this administration. She has access to the most classified information, because of her position with Clinton, about the Muslim Brotherhood, which creed is to destroy America.”

Yes, it’s all part of Huma Abedin’s master plan. Step 1: Marry a Jewish perv. Step 2: Destroy America.

“That’s big story here,” Goldstein insisted. “And I feel like it’s almost a setup. He’s sending these sex texts — or whatever we call them these days — just to distract from his wife.”

Meanwhile, polls are showing that a majority of Democrats (53%) think Weiner should drop out of the New York City mayor’s race and his overall support has dropped to 16 percent among Democratic voters.

Via: Right Wing Watch

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Weiner Loses his Lead… And Other News

Weiner loses his lead

Weiner loses his lead! Could it be because of the dick pics? Yes.

At first Anthony Weiner was able to maintain his lead in the New York City mayoral race after admitting to sexting with various women after his resignation from congress, but now it seems his support is plummeting.  According to a new poll by NBC 4 New York, The Wall Street Journal and the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn garners 25% support among Democratic primary voters compared with 16% for Weiner. The question is will Weiner now pull out of the race? And more importantly, will he ever pull his weiner out from in front of his phone? USA Today

Recife SharkShark Attack! A week after a 15-year-old girl was bitten in half by a shark along the shore of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, an 18-year-old girl was fatally bitten in Recife, on the coast of Brazil. To sum up, sharks like teenage girls. Bruna Gobbi was attacked by a bull shark while she was being rescued from drowning. The teenager and her cousin had been swimming and began to struggle in the water. Moments before the lifeguards could rescue them, a giant shark bit Gobbi, severing her leg.  Authorities are now wondering whether there should be a ban on swimming near Recife, a notorious shark zone. Huffington Post

Cruise MeatWell, it was cleaner than the stranded Carnival Cruise ship but the Luxury Cruise Ship, the Silver Shadow, failed to pass a sanitation inspection. The surprise inspection by the Centers for Disease Control resulted in a failing grade for the ship which is considered was of the highest end cruises around. The company said it charges passengers an average of $5,000 per week to sail. An anonymous tipster sent in photos of meat stashed in the sinks of crew members’ rooms and food trolleys hidden in hallways prompting the surprise inspection. Apparently during previous inspections crew members were asked to store unrefrigerated meat and cheese in their rooms. Still, I’d rather be on the Silver Shadow than the Costa Concordia. CNN

Cat AllergiesScientists are one step closer to discovering the cure for people who “think” they have cat allergies. British scientists have uncovered how allergic reactions to cats are triggered, raising everyone’s hopes of developing a preventative medicine. The researchers found a protein in cat dander — or dead skin cells — that interacts with a chemical in the human body to cause allergy symptoms, which can range from itching and sneezing to asthma attacks. When the dander is released – often through petting or playful cat fights – it triggers an allergic reaction ONLY IF it’s in the presence of a common environmental bacterial toxin called lipopolysaccharides, or LPS. The government definitely needs to put more funding into this! Once allergies are cured it will be cats for everybody!! BBC News

BanananannasThe secret to life is… bananas. With the recent death of a 116-year-old Japanese man, the new record-holder for the world’s oldest living man is a 112-year-old New York resident who is a self-taught musician and former coal miner. Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez said his longevity can be attributed to eating one banana per day and his daily dose of six Anacin tablets. So I guess it’s not an apple a day keeps the doctor away – it’s a banana a day. He should have given some to his wife – she passed away from old age in 1988. CBC News

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Anthony Weiner’s Weiner

Current Event Cat - Weiner Sexting

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s weiner is back on the scene with a new sexting scandal. Once a sexter, always a sexter!

Anthony Weiner, who famously resigned from Congress two years ago after it was revealed he had sent dick pics to young women, addressed new sexting allegations at a press conference on Tuesday. After the gossip website The Dirty posted X-rated text messages and a crotch shot that it said the former congressman exchanged with an unidentified woman, Weiner was forced to fess up.

Although he admitted that (once again) he sent lewd photos and explicit messages to a woman, he is refusing to drop out of the NYC mayor’s race. I repeat, Anthony Weiner will NOT pull out. Weiner claims the recently revealed sexts occurred both before and after his resignation from Congress but as of 2013 he’s sext-free.

Weiner, who has been leading polls of Democratic mayoral candidates, said he was “very sorry” about the incident.

“This behaviour is behind me. I’ve apologised to my wife, Huma, and I’m grateful that she has worked through these issues with me and that I’ve had her forgiveness,” Weiner told reporters.

“I want to again say how very sorry I am to anyone who was on the receiving end of these messages and the disruption that this has caused.”

I’m surprised more things didn’t come out sooner,” Weiner added.

Weiner’s wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, is sticking by her husband for the second time.

“Our marriage, like many others, has had its ups and downs, It took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where I could forgive Anthony.”

Anthony’s made some horrible mistakes, both before he resigned from Congress and after. But I do very strongly believe that it’s between us and our marriage. I love him, I believe him, we are moving forward.”

Someone’s been spending too much time around Hillary Clinton

The best part of the sexting scandal isn’t that history is repeating itself all over again but rather that Anthony Weiner’s online alias is “Carlos Danger”.

In July 2012, Carlos Danger engaged in racy exchanges with a 22-year-old woman. The woman, who does not want to be identified, said she began chatting with Weiner on the social networking site Formspring and that their online relationship began in July 2012 and lasted for six months. According to her, Weiner exchanged nude photos of himself with her, engaged in phone sex, shared sexually explicit fantasies, and  promised to help her get a job at the political website Politico and suggested meeting in a Chicago condo for a tryst. Oh Carlos Danger… will you ever learn?

Via: The Toronto Star

Eliot Spitzer is Attempting a Post-Sex Scandal Comeback… And Other News

Eliot Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer is following in the footsteps of Anthony Weiner and Mark Sanford, who both attempted a political comeback after a sex scandal.

Spitzer, best known for resigning as Governor of New York after admitting he regularly frequented prostitutes, is launching his campaign for a new life in politics. But Spitzer isn’t dreaming big like Weiner and his bid for New York City mayor – no, Spitzer is after the more modest post of city comptroller. Whether or not Spitzer will get enough signatures to be on the ballot is still up for debate but the former escort service regular is optimistic: “I have looked voters in the eye, walked on the street, and I think people are willing to give me a shot,” Spitzer added. “And I think it is based on the record I built when I was attorney general, when I was governor, when I was assistant district attorney, a prosecutor of organized crime.” Washington Post

California prisonWhile Mexicans are getting fatter by the second, 30,000 California inmates (many of whom are probably Mexican) are going on a hunger strike in protest of prison conditions. Their demands include a five-year limit on isolation (which can last decades if the inmate is suspected of having gang ties), education and rehabilitation programs, and the right to make monthly phone calls. Organized by a small group of inmates being held in solitary confinement at the Pelican Bay State Prison near the Oregon border, the hunger strike involves two thirds of the state’s 33 prisons and four out-of-state facilities. When will prison guards begin force-feeding them with tubes? Or does that only happen in Guantanamo? Los Angeles Times

us afghanistanShould we stay or should we go? Is the question the US is asking themselves. American and European officials announced that the US is considering withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan in 2014. Up until now, U.S. and Afghan officials had been discussing plans to keep a small force behind to fight off the Taliban and continue to give Afghan security personnel much needed training. Obama’s new “zero option” is in response to growing frustration with Afghan President Hamid Karzai who has been throwing temper tantrums lately because of America’s direct talks with the Taliban.  Obama will NOT stand for temper tantrums and a lack of cooperation (outside of Congress that is…). CNN

Ohio womenThe three women held captive in an Ohio house for over a decade have broken their silence. The women — Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight — posted a YouTube video on Monday night thanking those who have supported them since their escape earlier this year.  Michelle Knight, who was kidnapped in August 2002 at age 21 said “I may have been through hell and back, but I am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face and with my head held high. I will not let the situation define who I am. I will define the situation.” Their captor, Ariel Castro, 52, has been charged with 329 counts of kidnapping, rape, beatings, and aggravated murder for forcibly causing one of the women to abort a fetus after he had impregnated her.  New York Times

Reece Elliott Death threats of Facebook are probably not a great idea. A British man who threatened to kill 200 people in the US via Facebook has been put in jail for 28 months. Reece Elliot, a self-confessed internet troll, made threats on an online memorial page for two girls killed in a car crash. Using a fake account, he wrote “My father has three guns. I’m planning on killing him first and putting him in a dumpster. Then I’m taking the motor and I’m going in fast. I’m gonna kill hopefully at least 200 before I kill myself. So you want to tell the deputy: I’m on my way. I’m killing 200 people minimum at school. I will be on CNN.” Sounds pretty crazy. Crazy enough for 3,000 students to skip school the next day. Elliot, who was described by a psychiatrist as emotionally immature and impulsive, could not explain his behaviour, but did admit it was “idiotic, childish and pathetic”. BBC News

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Weiner for Mayor… And Other News

Weiner for Mayor

Weiner: Take 2. Disgraced New York politician has officially announced his political comeback.

Weiner posted a two-minute YouTube video announcing he will be running for mayor of New York City this year. His slogan? Weiner for Mayor. Two years after resigning his congressional seat after posting lewd pictures of his weiner to Twitter and then lying about it, Weiner admits he has “learned some tough lessons.” I guess he figured if Toronto Mayor Rob Ford can smoke crack with Somali drug dealers and still be mayor, he’s certainly got a shot! He’s just got to lay off those crotch shots. Washington Post

Woolwich shooting incidentA machete attack in London leaves a British soldier dead. The victim was reportedly beheaded by Muslim extremists who were later shot (but not killed) by police. After the attack – which happened in broad daylight – one of the extremists approached someone with a video camera and attempted to explain himself. “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone,” said the meat-cleaver-wielding man with bloody hands, “The only reasons we killed this man this is because Muslims are dying daily. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth.” He also apologized to the women bystanders who had to witness him chopping up the soldier. British Prime David Cameron is calling the incident a terrorist attack. CNN

Swedish RiotSwedish rage continues into its third day. Violence erupted in Stockholm on Sunday after the country ran out of Swedish berries – or after the death of a 69-year-old man – I forget which one caused the riots. The man was killed by police while he was wielding a machete in the suburb of Husby. No word on why he was carrying a machete but the incident sparked accusations of police brutality – particularly against Sweden’s growing immigrant population. Although no injuries were reported, at least eight people were taken into custody and over 100 cars have been set on fire.  After reading about the London machete attack, I have a feeling Sweden is better off without the machete man… NBC News

Drone AttackThe drones are coming to get us! The Obama administration formally acknowledged that the United States had killed four American citizens in drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan. But not to worry – some of them were intended targets. The administration announced they had deliberately killed Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric who was killed in a drone strike in September 2011 in Yemen. Awlaki, an al-Qaeda suspect born in the US state of New Mexico, was “intimately involved in detailed planning and putting in place plots against US persons”. And Samir Khan, a naturalised US citizen who produced an online magazine promoting al-Qaeda’s ideology and also died in the missile strike? Well, he kind of just got in the way. Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman and another American citizien, Jude Mohammad, were also killed by drones but were “not specifically targeted by the US”. New York Times

Pleading the FifthLois Lerner, the IRS supervisor at the center of the scandal over targeting conservative groups, pled the Fifth during Wednesday’s hearing. The IRS official said she did nothing wrong or illegal and gave no false or misleading information to officials and then decided to stop talking altogether. She admitted earlier that the agency targeted conservative groups and apologized for its actions – but refused to incriminate herself. Associated Press

CougarCougars are on the prowl for pets in Vancouver and I’m not talking about the Real Housewives of Vancouver. Actually, they’re probably on the prowl too, but mostly for sugar daddies and pool boys, not household pets. An actual cougar is prowling the Vancouver community of Belcarra looking for pets to snatch up. A dog managed to escape but several housecats have recently vanished. Wait, do big cats eat little cats? If so, I’ll have to change my plans to bring Fuzzy and Little Reagan on safari… National Post

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Anthony Weiner is Back… And Other News.

Anthony Weiner

Former US Representative Anthony Weiner, best known for sending pictures of his weiner to random women, is contemplating running for New York City Mayor this year.

The Democrat, who resigned in 2011 over the sexting scandal, is looking to make a comeback, if the public is ready for him. Anthony Weiner gave a lengthy interview in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine, which details his political aspirations, his life with former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, and the aftermath of his scandal. National Post

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New YorkNew York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art got a huge gift today. Cosmetics tycoon Leonard Lauder has promised the museum his collection of 78 Cubist paintings, drawing and sculptures. It includes pieces from Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Juan Gris and Fernand Leger. The total value? More than $1 billion. Or 13% of Lauders’ personal fortune. In a statement, Lauder, 80, said his gift was for “the people who live and work in New York and those from around the world who come to visit our great arts institutions”. Or they could just go see the Museum of Modern Art’s cubist collection. How many cubes does New York really need? New York Times

RehSometimes it takes a Facebook message to get the police to intervene. After Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17 year-old Canadian girl, committed suicide last week, her mother took to Facebook claiming the Nova Scotia justice system “failed” her daughter. Parsons’ parents say their daughter had been deeply depressed since an alleged gang rape in 2011. Afterwards a picture of the incident as passed around and Rehtaeh was bullied. Although an initial investigation into the attack concluded that there was insufficient evidence to lay charges, after seeing the amount of public outrage the case received, the Nova Scotia government now says it’s looking into reviewing the case. National Post

Ken CuccinelliSomeone loves the missionary position: Virginia attorney general and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli wants to ban oral and anal sex for both gay people AND straight people. Last month, a three-judge panel ruled that a section of Virginia’s “Crimes Against Nature” statute that outlaws sodomy between consenting adults is unconstitutional based on a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2003 known as Lawrence v. Texas. But Cuccinelli wasn’t too happy about that so he has filed a petition with the 4th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond, hoping to revive the prohibition on consensual anal and oral sex. The court, however,  issued a short, two-sentence statement denying the petition. Huffington Post

Hamilton TrashHow to lose $10 million in 10 years: Step 1: Let family/friends/acquaintances mooch off of you. Step 2: Buy a souped-up Cadillac Escalade with a vanity license plate reading “BABIPHAT”. Less than 10 years after cashing in her $10.5 million lottery ticket, Hamilton, Ontario resident Sharon Tirabassi is broke and taking the bus to per part-time job. A combination of careless spending, stupid decisions, and family handouts caused Tirabassi to blow through her winnings so quickly. But Tirabassi is happier today, she says lies, adding life has more purpose now than when she was shopping. The Toronto Star

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