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Police Rescue Three Women Held Captive By The British Version of Ariel Castro

Three Women Held Captive

Turns out the U.S and Austria aren’t the only countries where you can hold women captive for decades without detection.

Three women have been freed after being held captive for nearly 30 years in a south London home – including one woman who is thought to have spent her entire life held captive.

The women freed include a 69-year-old Malaysian woman, a 57-year-old Irish woman and a 30-year-old British woman. The women are said to be “highly traumatized” but are now in a safe location. Investigators say there was no evidence of sexual abuse but the women had controlled lives and spent most of their time indoors.

As for the Ariel Castro-like captor, details are scarce but British police have arrested a man and a woman, both 67. While the women were freed several weeks ago, the two suspects were only arrested on Thursday.

“The women were released as soon as possible,” Det Insp Kevin Hyland, from the Metropolitan Police’s Human Trafficking Unit, said.

“There was a delay in the arrest. This was down to the fact that we had to work very carefully with these people who were highly traumatised and it was very difficult to establish the facts.

“The last thing we wanted to do was increase that trauma.”

And how did the police manage to track down and suspects and their prisoners? With the help of television! One of the captive women saw a television documentary on forced marriages and called Freedom Charity, a group that raises awareness about child abuse, forced marriages and honour killings. After telling the organization that she had been held against her will at a London address for more than 30 years, they contacted the police and the rest is history! Moral of the story: TV saves lives.

Via: BBC News

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Death by Masturbation… And Other News

Death by Masturbation

Did Ariel Castro die during masturbation? Possibly.

New details have emerged about the death of the Cleveland kidnapper who was found hanging in his prison cell while awaiting trial. Officials say Castro’s hanging body was discovered sans pants. Since his underwear was around his ankles and he didn’t leave a suicide note officials are considering death by autoerotic asphyxiation, a way of intensifying orgasm during masturbation by depriving the body of oxygen. An open Bible was also found nearby. Masturbation and a Bible? What a way to go! NBC News

Snowden-father-Lou1There’s nothing like a father-son reunion in Russia. Lou Snowden, the father of exiled American leaker extraordinaire Edward Snowden, arrived in Russia to see his long lost son. Lou Snowden hasn’t seen his son since before he leaked the NSA documents and Edward Snowden hasn’t been seen by anyone (in public) since he was granted asylum in August. “I am not sure my son will be returning to the U.S. again,” his father said, but was happy that Edward “is safe and secure and he’s free.” Despite having to live in hiding in Russia until the end of time, the younger Snowden says he has no regrets about leaking the highly classified information and is adjusting to life in Russia. I guess after living in an airport terminal for a few months, anywhere would seem luxurious – even Russia. National Post

kwame-kilpatrickIf your nickname is the “hip hop mayor of Detroit” you know that at some point you’re going to spend some time in jail. Former mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick definitely lived up to his moniker after he was sentenced to 28 years in prison, seven months after being convicted on public corruption charges. Kilpatrick ran a secret money-making racket out of city hall, raking in millions for himself and his entourage while the rest of Detroit… well, they went bankrupt. Kilpatrick used his mayoral powers to give business to his friends and used city funding to fund his own lifestyle. He even used funds allotted for needy residents to pay for his own yoga. Hip hop mayors do yoga? Well, not anymore – unless they have some type of prison class. Detroit Free Press

BoehnerGovernment Shutdown Update #4232: A little bit of progress. Maybe. Hopes rose when House Speaker John Boehner offered a short-term debt limit increase to stave off default. The GOP said they would pass a “clean” bill (i.e. no conservative add-ons) that gave a six-week extension for the whole debt-ceiling issue in exchange for negotiations with the White House to end the government shutdown. A short-term solution is better than no solution, right? Wrong! Well, maybe right – they’re still talking through some things. But as of now President Obama and House Republicans have failed to reach an agreement on the six-week extension during their meeting on Thursday. Both parties did agree on two things though: it was a good meeting and they will continue talks. Progress/procrastination! New York Times

Kenya-policeKenyan police must be super busy with the shopping mall attack investigation because they don’t seem to be doing much else. Citizens are outraged after three men accused of gang-raping a 16-year-old and dumping her in an outhouse were only sentenced to 5 years in prison. Just kidding – they won’t serve any jail time. Instead their punishment was cutting grass around the police camp – for a couple of hours. The victim was attacked after returning home from her grandfather’s funeral (!) and broke her back during the struggle. She now uses a wheelchair – otherwise they’d probably make her cut grass with the gang bangers. BBC News

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Ariel Castro

Current Event Cat - Ariel Castro

Ariel Castro, the man accused of kidnapping three Ohio women for roughly a decade, pleaded not guilty to 329 charges including rape, kidnapping, and aggravated murder. He’s totally guilty.

Ariel Castro’s numerous charges include 139 of rape, 177 of kidnap and two of aggravated murder for the deaths of two unborn children one of the women miscarried after forced starvation and beatings.

Ariel Castro, 52, has been accused of kidnapping three women – Michelle Knight, 32, Amanda Berry, 27, and Gina DeJesus, 23 – as teenagers and holding each captive for over a decade before their rescue last month. He is also reported to have fathered a child with Amanda Berry. Since the indictment last week, new details have emerged about the extent of the imprisonment – including restraint in chains and assault for attempted escapes.

Castro, a former bus driver, had nothing to say for himself – he wore an orange jumpsuit, kept his head down, and did not speak during Wednesday’s brief arraignment hearing. He is currently being held on $8 million bail. Last week he was taken off suicide watch in jail but the prosecutors really want him dead so they’re contemplating whether or not the case is appropriate to seek the death penalty.

Via: Current Event Cats & BBC News