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Uzi Death Deemed An “Industrial Accident”

Uzi Death Industrial Accident

What happens when you give a 9-year-old girl an automatic submachine gun and minimal instruction? An “industrial accident” apparently.

Arizona law enforcement officials announced that no criminal charges would be filed related to the incident where a 9-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed her instructor with an Uzi. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying there are “no charges pending” in regards to the shooting of Charles Vacca, 39, and that the death will be “viewed as an industrial accident.”

The deadly incident occurred last Monday morning at a gun range in Arizona called Bullets and Burgers that caters to hungry gun-loving Las Vegas tourists. Better than Bullets and Beer I guess…

According to the Bullets and Burgers website:

Our guests have the opportunity to fire a wide range of fully automatic machine guns and specialty weapons.

We even have the actual firearms used in several Hollywood hits including The Terminator and Rambo II.

At our range, you can shoot FULL auto on our machine guns. … Let ‘em Rip!

Sounds like a great place to bring your children…

The shooting incident, which is also a viral video now, began with Charles Vacca teaching a 9-year-old girl, who was at the shooting range with her parents, how to use an automatic Uzi – a weapon designed for use by the Israeli defense forces in the 1940s. In the video, Vacca is seen guiding the child on how to handle the gun, saying, “All right, full auto.”

Now, unless this girl had been training to become a Somali pirate, there’s no way she would be ready to properly handle an extremely powerful submachine-gun. Cut to two seconds later and the girl loses control of the submachine gun and strikes Vacca in the head.

“The girl pulled the trigger on the automatic Uzi, the recoil sent the gun over her head and the victim was shot,” a Sheriff’s Office statement read.

The instructor suffered at least one gunshot wound to the head. He was airlifted to a Las Vegas hospital where he died that night.

As for the 9-year-old girl, she is probably traumatized for life because her parents thought bringing their young daughter to a place in the desert called Bullets and Burgers to eat freedom fries and shoot fully automatic firearms was a great idea for summer vacation.

Meanwhile, an employee at Burgers and Bullets says the shooting range has already resumed operations – because learning your lesson in not the Arizona way.

Takeaway: Guns don’t kill people, 9-year-old girls kill people!

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Got an Immigrant Problem? Just Dump Them at a Bus Stop!

Migrants, consisting of mostly women and children, disembark from a U.S. ICE bus at a Greyhound bus station in Phoenix

Hundreds of undocumented migrants nabbed by the border patrol in Texas have been flown to Arizona and dumped at Greyhound Bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix in the last month. Well, that’s one way to solve temporarily fix ignore America’s immigration problem…

Texas is quickly replacing Arizona as the busiest sector for illegal border crossings but the Lone Star state doesn’t have the resources to deal with the recent immigrant influx.

“Because of the recent surge of Central Americans, unaccompanied juveniles, and family groups in south Texas, the border patrol is running out of processing space,” says Andy Adame, a Border Patrol spokesman.

Solution? Drop ‘em off at a bus stop and let Arizona deal with the problem.

Since Arizona has been illegal immigrant central for the past few years, “the government expended a lot of resources to this area to include detention facilities or processing facilities,” adds Adame.

Critics of the Arizona bus stop drops accuse the federal government of releasing immigrants into the wild without providing enough basic necessities such as food and water on days that hover around 100 degrees F.

In a letter to President Obama, Arizona governor Jan Brewer called the situation “another disturbing example of a deliberate failure to enforce border security policies and repair a broken immigration system.”

Bob Dain, a spokesman for the American Federation for Immigration Reform, agrees.

“Things have gotten out of hand, Congress needs to step up to the plate and compel this president to start enforcing the law,” he said, blasting the Obama administration. “Otherwise you’ve got more and more surges of people coming in, overwhelming the system, and we’ve got a bureaucratic inability to process them.”

Despite having more resources than Texas, Arizona is having a tough time handling the immigrant influx, which has been partially fueled by a rumor running through Central America that parents with children would be allowed to stay in the United States indefinitely. Over the weekend, at least 1,000 unaccompanied children, mainly from Central America, who crossed illegally into the United States through Texas were taken to an overrun makeshift emergency shelter in Arizona. I guess the only solution is… a bus stop in New Mexico?

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Yoga Pants Are Responsible For Rape

Brother Dean Yoga Pants

Arizona Pastor and University of Arizona student Dean Saxton believes any woman who dresses provocatively and gets intoxicated is partially to blame for their rape – especially those wearing yoga pants.

Brother Dean Saxton is not the most popular student on campus – probably because he spends the majority of his time standing around with signs telling people they deserve to be raped – but what he lacks in popularity, he makes up for in notoriety. Best known for slut shaming everyone with a vagina on the University of Arizona campus, Saxton spent some time talking with Vice, who were putting together an online mini-documentary on the resident campus preacher.

When asked to explain why he protested outside a documentary about 1998 Miss World Pageant winner and rape survivor Linor Abargil last month, the Arizona pastor defended his position that some women “deserve” rape.

“She is a beauty pageant contestant and there’s a lot of provocative, you know, seductive pictures of her that she has put out of herself,” he said. “I believe that if she was at home, and if she had kept to her Orthodox Jewishness, that rape would really probably would not have happened.”

“I believe that there are certain qualities that may be worthy of rape. If a woman dresses provocatively, gets blackout drunk and is wearing really revealing clothing then I would say that she is partially responsible for the rape,” Saxton told Vice

During the protest, Saxton was spotted holding a sign that read, “You Deserve Rape” while simultaneously shouting at random women to quit dressing like whores and “yoga pants are sin.”

“Give up your immodest clothing. You need to stop being a camel toe. You need to stop masturbating. Yoga pants are sin,” he bellowed to students through a bullhorn.

Well, I certainly hope no one tells Brother Dean about Lululemon’s see-through yoga pants fiasco, otherwise he might really lose it.

In addition to yoga pants and other revealing outfits, feminism, Miley Cyrus, masturbation, rock music, being gay, premarital sex, being Muslim, and women going to college are all on Brother Dean’s naughty list. Yeah, I can see why he’s not the most popular kid on campus…

Full Vice video: Here!

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Arizona Student: You Deserve Rape! ….or Grape?

You Deserve Grape

Arizona students are conflicted – do women deserve rape, do women deserve grape, or does nobody deserve rape? It’s a tough one.

One Arizona student has it figured out though. Dean Saxton, a junior at the University of Arizona, created a stir on campus this week when he interrupted a campus sexual assault awareness event and started preaching against women while holding a sign proclaiming, “You deserve rape.”

Saxton, known for his on-campus Christian rants, told the Arizona Daily Wildcat that his sermon was meant to convey “if you dress like a whore, act like a whore, you’re probably going to get raped.”

“I think that girls that dress and act like it,” Saxton said, “they should realize that they do have partial responsibility, because I believe that they’re pretty much asking for it.”

Hmm. I think I’d rather ask for grape.

Others agreed, because the Dean of Students Office received a ton of written complaints, emails, phone calls – basically every form of communication. But Kendal White, the interim dean of students, said that despite the offensiveness of Saxton’s sermon about women, since he never directly threatened anyone, the school couldn’t take any action.

“We find it to be vulgar and vile,” White said. “However, it is protected speech. He has yet to, at this point, violate the student code of conduct.”

In other sermons, Saxton, a religious studies major, has ranted against people who are gay, have pre-marital sex, masturbate or have lustful thoughts. He’s also anti-Muslim – shocker.

Students can often hear him on campus shouting things like “All you homos, you’re going to hell. All you masturbators, you’re going to hell,” while wearing a T-shirt that says, “You deserve hell.”

I don’t know about hell, but I think I know someone who deserves a little rape…

Via: The Daily Wildcat 

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Arizona Official: Menstrual Cycles and Combat Don’t Mix

Women in Combat

Because if there’s one place no one expects blood, it’s in a combat zone!

Former State Representative Terry Proud (R – obvs), was fired after saying that menstrual cycles might be too problematic for women to be in combat.

“I understand that women want to be on the front lines, and they want to do their service and women are very strong. We’ve really come far through the years. We’re extremely strong,” former state Rep. Terri Proud told the Arizona Sonora News Service.

So far so good. But then she added:

“Women have certain things during the month I’m not sure they should be out there dealing with. I don’t know how to address that topic in a very diplomatic manner.”

The director of Arizona’s Department of Veterans’ Services, Col. Joey Strickland, the genius who hired Proud to coordinate a female veterans’ conference, resigned on Wednesday amid the controversy surround Proud’s comment.

Proud insists her comment was taken the wrong way.

“I don’t have a problem with women being on the front line if that’s their choice,” she said. “I’m not going to sit there and say, ‘No you don’t have that right.’ I was making a funny comment, ‘What are they going to do?'”

But Proud is no stranger to stupid comments. While in the state legislature, she once wrote to a constituent that women should be required to watch an abortion happen before being allowed to have one.

So why would the Department of Veterans’ Services hire such a controversial figure? Well, actually Col. Strickland was given specific instructions from the Governor’s office NOT to hire her. I guess that explains his resignation.

The Pentagon lifted a ban on women serving in combat roles last year, despite the fact that they had been fighting on the front lines for at least a decade. So far, no period problems have been reported.

Via: The Huffington Post

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Tucson Gun Giveaway: What Could Go Wrong? Answer: Everything.

Tucson Guns Guns Guns

Shaun McClusky, a failed Republican mayoral candidate, plans to give away dozens of free shotguns in Tucson, Arizona.

Could it be? A worse mayoral candidate than Toronto’s Rob Ford? Yes!

Shaun McClusky told the Tucson Weekly that he was leading a Tucson chapter of the Armed Citizen Project, which launched in Houston earlier this year with a mandate to prove that more guns mean less crime. McClusky has already raised $12,000 in pledges, enough to arm at least three dozen people.

What better way to reduce gun violence than to hand out free shotguns! Sounds like someone has been spending their spare time listening to Wayne LaPierre. And what better place to hand out free guns than in Tuscon, the same town where former U.S. Representive Gabrielle Giffords  and 18 other people were shot. Very appropriate!

When asked if the Armed Citizens Project was hesitant to take its message to Tucson, executive director Kyle Coplen said, “Nope.”

The Tucson program will target the high-crime neighbourhoods of Pueblo Gardens, Midvale Park and the Grant-Campbell area. Participants in these areas will receive a $350 package that includes a background check, training course, cleaning kit, shotgun and ammunition. Oh, I guess if they have a training class, everything will be fine.

But not everyone agrees with this foolproof plan to reduce crime.

“For someone to say it makes sense to be giving away loaded shotguns in high-crime areas is absolute lunacy,” Ward 6 Councilman Steve Kozachik told the Tucson Weekly. “These people have lost their minds.”


Via: The Huffington Post

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Only In Arizona Do You Need To Show Your Birth Certificate To Pee

Arizona Transgender Bathroom Bill

Lawmakers in Arizona are debating a law that would link public bathroom use to birth certificates.

The bill, which advocates are calling the nation’s toughest anti-transgender measure, would require people to use public restrooms, dressing rooms or locker rooms associated with the sex listed on their birth certificate or face six months in jail.

The proposal comes less than a month after the city of Phoenix passed a human rights bill prohibiting gender identity discrimination in public accommodations. In fact, as states and local governments are increasingly banning gender-identity discrimination as transgender issues become more mainstream.

But that doesn’t matter to Arizona representative John Kavanagh, the Republican lawmaker who sponsored the bill. Kavanagh fears criminals/pedophiles might take advantage of the situation and expose themselves to children of the opposite gender. As a result Kavanagh has been campaigning to make it a criminal offense to use a public facility that doesn’t correspond with your birth certificate.

The bill’s opponents say it would force transgender people to reveal themselves and risk harassment. 

“Most transgender people try to slip through public places without being noticed,” a Phoenix transgender woman said. “This will turn us into criminals.”

Additionally, it can be very difficult to change gender on  birth certificates because many states require proof of gender surgery, which can be very expensive and is not covered by insurance. Some states do not even allow gender changes to be made on the document.

The bill was scheduled to be debated on Wednesday but Kavanagh agreed to postpone the vote as transgenders and transgender supporters filled the lobby of the House to protest the legislation.

So Arizona residents will have to wait and see what the new bathroom regulations will be. But if the new bill passes, imagine how long it would take to go to the bathroom in Arizona if you were a Mexican transgendered person? First they’ll have to prove their immigration status and then they’ll have to prove their gender. Discrimination aside, this will definitely impact levels of public pants wetting.

Via: The Huffington Post

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